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Billy Green, left, is escorted into the Randolph County Courthouse in Pocahontas Friday. (Hill ‘n Holler staff photo)

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Pocahontas, Ark. — After launching its star witness Mary Green Wilson, Billy Dale Green’s ex-wife, Friday morning, the prosecution in the state’s capital murder case against Billy Green came back from lunch and rested. They are seeking life without parole. The defense will mount its case on Monday, and speculation is that they could call Charles “Chad” Green, Billy son who was convicted of murder and kidnapping in September.
Carl Allen Elliott, Lisa Elliott, Gregory Elliott, 6, and Felicia Elliott, 8, were the victims of a 1998 home invasion in Dalton, Ark., gone bloody berserk.
Mary Wilson, led by State Prosecutor Jack McQuary, recalled the events of July 29 and 30, 1998. the night the Dalton family of four were brutally killed and kidnapped. She said she returned home from working the 3 p.m to 11 p.m. shift at Pocahontas Nursing Rehab, after a 15 to 20-minute drive. At the time she said sons Jason and Josh were there, along with husband Billy and daughter Amber. Charles “Chad” Green was not living in the family home in Warm Springs, but had been staying at his Grandmother’s house on Allen Trail.
After Mary got home she recounted a phone call coming in. She said Amber answered it, said it was Chad. Mary said she wanted to talk to him but Billy wouldn’t let her.
After talking to Chad, Mary said, Billy went into the bedroom and got his trench coat, his gloves, and other items. She said this was Billy’s favorite coat and described it as his Mafia, gunslinger type coat he wore it quite often. She said he told her that he “had to go clean up Chad’s mess.” He got into his truck and left.
When their police scanner went off detailing a domestic disturbance in Dalton, Mary said, she was afraid because Billy and Chad had time to get there.
Earlier Mary told the court that prior to the murders there was a relationship between the Green family and the Elliotts. She said they were over “frequently, three times a week maybe more.” She said that Carl Allen was a friend of Chad’s and hung out with Billy. She babysat the children.
She said this changed after she overheard a conversation between Chad and Billy Her recount of the conversation was that Carl had ripped Billy off and something had to be done about it. She said Billy was mad. Mary said the Elliotts stopped coming around about three weeks before the murders.
Morphing to the morning of the murders, Mary said Billy was home at daybreak to go to work early with Jason and Josh to repair a watergate washed out by last night’s heavy rains. Billy asked Mary to go to Allen Trail and pick up Chad, so he could pick up gas. Mary said she went there but that her efforts to raise Chad were futile and after banging on his window decided that he wasn’t there.
When she went back to the pre-arranged meeting spot, Billy, Josh and Jason were there. It was then that Billy told her that if anyone asked, they were all home all night. And that if police asked, Chad was sick and couldn’t go to work.
Mary said that Chad was never there and that Billy was not there all night. She said she never saw the trenchcoat again and when she saw Chad two weeks later he was all cut up and told her he had been “running through the jungle”.
Once the defense started questioning, Mary became increasingly more agitated, flustered, evasive and hostile. At one point she asked the judge if she could just, speak. Defense attorney James Wyatt was asking her about the three statements she had made to law enforcement officials including a sworn statement before Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Don Brown.
She became vague about the statements and said “it was not the truth; I lied. I was not free to tell the truth.” This statement was yanked from the court record.
Following one of the police interviews at her place of work, Mary said Billy called for a family meeting on the subject. She said Billy told them to say he was home all night. “No, he was not home all night.” she retorted.
At one point in her cross, Mary was admonished by Judge Harold Erwin that she was going to have to sit here and answer the questions. She started crying and the court took a break.
Just before being excused, Mary said that she was telling the truth and Billy Green was the one who told her what to tell the police if they asked.
Earlier in the day Bonnie Hensley Cantrell was recalled to the stand after her opening statement was removed from the court record Thursday. Friday the prosecution just established that she was friends with Chad and Billy. Bonnie testified that she went to pick up Chad on the morning of July 30 after he called her at work to pick him up. Bonnie said she picked him up and took him back to her house in Ozark Acres. She said Chad was wearing long sleeved coveralls and when he took those off, he was “a bloody mess and was wearing bloody blue jean shorts.” She said he looked like he’d been beat by sawbriars.
It was brought out during Bonnie’s testimony that when she was driving Chad back to her house the radio was on about the Elliott murders. Bonnie wanted to drive back through Dalton and Chad did not.
During the defense cross it was brought out that the Elliotts had attended a party at a drug lord’s house up in the hills named Snake. There was beer at the party and Carl Elliott had his daughter Felicia dancing on a table like a stripper. Bonnie agreed that she told police this story the first time that she testified. She was then excused from the stand.
Jason Green, Chad’s brother, told the court that Chad had told him on more that one occasion that “he did it.” Asked if he had any knowledge about his father’s involvement he said he did not. Jason said that he when he went to bed on the night of July 29 his father was at the family home.
Jason said he had lived with Chad at 231 Allen Trail until they had a big fight over a Cadillac car about two weeks before the murders; Jason then moved back home with the car to his parents house. Jason claimed original ownership of the .22 caliber rifle that, he said, Chad carried with him all the time.
Discussing the family meeting Jason said that they were told to say that everyone was there that night. Jason said that was not true; Chad was not there. Jason admitted that prior to testifying Friday he had cut a deal on drug charges against him, setting his sentence at five years probation and rehab.
Discussing the trial after the prosecution rested Prosecuting Attorney Henry Boyce said that he felt about the same after resting at this second Billy Green trial as he did the first. “We were able to get all the proof and evidence we hoped to in this trial.” Boyce said they made a conscious decision not to call Chad Green.
The defense will begin presenting its case on Monday at 9 a.m.
— Caroll Lucas

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