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Billy Green is escorted into the Randolph County Courthouse Tuesday. (Hill ‘n Holler photo)

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Pocahontas, Ark. — The jury in the Billy Green murder trial is still out after going into deliberation at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday and recessing at 4:30 p.m.
The jury took the case following a heated rebuttal to the defense by Special Prosecutor Jack McQuary, who angrily rebutted Billy Green’s version of what happened that fatal night in 1998 when three or four members of the Elliott family were killed.
Special Prosecutor McQuary moved from finger pointing outrage to tears as he went after the defense and vilified their witnesses. He spent time praising the prosecution’s jailhouse snitch, who painted Billy Green as a pedophile and as 8-year-old Felicia Elliott’s killer.
Both McQuary and 3rd Judicial Circuit Prosecuting Attorney Henry Boyce repeated their “two weapons, two killers” theory and said that Chad Green would have had to have been a superman to carry out the Elliott family killings alone. They turned again to Chad’s “ghost truck,” and the assertion that without Chad having a truck, Billy’s story didn’t hold water.
The state noted that Brady Foster told the court that he had repossessed the truck before the murder occurred. Billy’s sister told the court that the truck was not repossessed before the fall, when firewood cutting season started. McQuary reviled her testimony.
The defense noted that, according to the prosecution, all prosecution witnesses were truthful and all defense witnesses were liars.
Both sides traded barbs in defense of their side of the story.
As the court adjourned Tuesday, Boyce noted that Judge Harold Erwin had allowed a lesser charge, Murder 1, to be entered into the case as a possible choice for the jury, as well as capital murder, the most serious possible charge.
As they were deliberating Tuesday the jury requested the phone records from the night of the murder, previously cited by the defense.
The jury is to resume deliberation at 9 a.m. Wednesday.
The jury in the Chad Green murder trial last September took one hour and ten minutes to reach its verdict.
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— Caroll Lucas
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