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Arkansas — Primary elections and non-partisan judicial general elections will be held Tuesday, May 22, across the state of Arkansas.
In the 1st Congressional District the Hill ’n Holler Review endorses Clark Hall in he Democratic primary. This is based on his experience as a farmer, mayor, and three-term state legislator along with his endorsement by retired Congressman Marion Berry. If he does not receive more than 50 per cent of the vote. he will face a runoff against Scott Ellington or Gary Latanich on June 12.
There is no primary contest in north Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District.
The Hill ’n Holler endorses the incumbent, President Barack Obama, who faces a frivolous challenge in the Democratic primary from Tennessee lawyer, John Wolfe.
In the Republican presidential primary the candidates on the ballot are Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.
The Hill ’n Holler Review endorses Ron Paul, based on his pro-civil rights and anti-war positions.
In the non-partisan judicial general election for the Appellate Court, District 2, Mitch Cash and Rhonda Ward are the two candidates.
The Hill ’n Holler Review endorses Rhonda Ward. Ms. Ward has a stronger background to give her the edge over Cash.
In the Appellate Court, District 1, election, the Hill ’n Holler endorses Phil Whiteaker, whose judicial experience exceeds that of his opponents.
In the Appellate Court, District 3, contest, the Hill ’n Holler endorses Kenneth Hixson, whose legal experience exceeds that of his opponent.
In the non-partisan election for Supreme Court Justice, Raymond Abramson and Jo Hart are seeking the seat.
The Hill ’n Holler Review endorses Raymond Abramson for the seat on the high court based on his hands on experience as a long-time small-town lawyer and public defender along with his appointment to the state Court of Appeals in 2010 by Gov. Mike Beebe. Most of Hart’s legal experience was in the military.
Tuesday’s election is important. Make sure you get out and vote.

Watch for the results of the Arkansas primary and judicial elections in the Hill ‘n Holler Review.

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