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NOTE: Updated story, with more local results, HERE.
Arkansas — In the Arkansas primary elections, just after midnight, with 52 of 75 counties reporting, Barack Obama was the victor in the Democratic presidential primary with 60.2% of the vote compared to 39.80% for Tennessee lawyer John Wolfe.
Wolfe, however, was the winner in 27 counties, including Fulton, Sharp, Izard, Stone, Cleburne, Independence, Randolph, Jackson, Clay, Greene, Craighead and Poinsett counties.
Mitt Romney was the winner of the Republican presidential primary, receiving 68.31% of the vote with 52 of 75 counties reporting; he was the winner in all of the counties reporting. Ron Paul received 13.49% of the vote, with Rick Santorum receiving 13.31% and 4.89% for New Gingrich.
In the Kentucky primary Tuesday, with all but one of 120 counties reporting, Romney won the Republican presidential primary with 69%. Paul received 13%, and Romney received 9%.
Obama was unopposed in Kentucky’s Democratic presidential primary. He received 58% of the vote. Marking “uncommitted” on their ballots were 42% of the Democratic Kentucky voters.
In Arkansas’ 1st Congressional District, Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington was ahead in the Democratic primary with 50.45% of the vote. Mark Hall was receiving 37.79%., with 11.77% for Gary Latanich. Ellington was ahead in 18 northern counties, while Hall was ahead in 12 mainly southern counties. If Ellington does not receive more than 50% of the vote, he will face Hall in a June 12 runoff election. The winner will face first-term incumbent Republican Rick Crawford in the November election.
In south Arkansas’ 4th Congressional District, where Democrat Mike Ross decided not to run for re-election, there were three candidates in the Republican primary and three in the Democratic primary. In the Democratic primary, with 27 of 33 counties reporting, a June 12 runoff appears likely with 43.6% for Gene Jeffress, 35.62% for Q, Byrum Hurst, and 20.79% for D.C. Morrison. In the Republican primary, Tom Cotton was the apparent winner with 57.01%; Beth Anne Rankin was receiving 37.52%, with 5.4% for John Cowart.
In the non-partisan election for Arkansas Supreme Court Justice, with 52 of 75 counties reporting, Jo Hart was winning with 66.44%, compared to 34.56% for Raymond Abramson.
In the election for an Arkansas Court of Appeals judge, District 2, with 11 of 18 counties reporting, Rhonda Wood appears to be winning with 62.74%, compared to 37.26% for Mitch Cash.
In the District 3 Court of Appeals election, with 5 of 7 counties reporting, Kenneth Hixon was ahead with 51.27%, compared to 48.73% for Niki Cung.
A June 12 runoff election appears likely in the District 1 Court of Appeals race. With 9 of 12 counties reporting, Philip Whiteaker was receiving 37.31%, with 32.81% of the vote for Jeanette Robertson and 29.87% for Richard Lusby.
Locally, in the Fulton County Democratic primary election for county treasurer, Seth Jones was the winner with 748 votes, compared to 601 votes for Jamie Turnbough.
In Randolph County, Bobbie Lane was the winner in the Democratic primary race for county clerk with 1,255 votes, 64.8%, with Cord Rapert receiving 682 votes.
Statewide, voter turnout was being reported as 21.26% of registered voters.
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