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By Fred Roe
June 21, 2016 — The news is everyone will be required to take “sensitivity” training on how we should accept homosexuals in the workplace. This isn’t just for where I work, but nationwide. I haven’t heard anything official, just what I hear going down the pipeline. Along with this training, we will also be treated on “our Moslem brothers and sisters” with Moslem speakers telling us all about Islam and how Sharia Law will help our new society. Asa is developing a film on how we should live peaceably with all peoples of all religions. Hm-mmm, that doesn’t sound quite right. I mean, how then are we to treat those who wish to follow Christianity? Michael has already packed Christians into the same category as ticks and other vermin. Liars.
   That bit on the news about that bar in Massachusetts with that bimbo strutting her stuff has made quite a stir. The thing I found lacking in this controversy wasn’t that some woman appeared naked on public TV, but whether it was cool to ban anyone from anywhere. But, I guess no one is waiting. A lesbian beach in California has put up large signs banning Christians now, and any strip bar in the country that has a reputation of debauchery to defend is competing with their own signs. In fact, some say the bouncers inside are asking their clients to sign a paper testifying they are 100% free from Christian influence. It’s like a huge, national joke.
   Military units from countries I never knew existed, like Botswana, Guyana and Andorra, combined with units from places like Russia, China and Pakistan have all entered the U.S. to aid in enforcing martial law in several cities. St. Louis, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Wichita and Detroit are just the beginning. The local news showed thousands of foreign troops pouring into the country and preparing for deployment.
   Our troops in the meanwhile are similarly being sent to other nations, but not to China or Russia or Pakistan — They don’t like us. Uh, does anyone see a bad thing getting ready to happen? I just can’t believe everyone’s reaction! I talk to people at work about all this stuff to get their take, and it’s like they’re all overjoyed. One guy, that I’ve known for years and was a good Republican says something like, “Well, I’m glad things are finally happening. We need these foreign troops to do what our police weren’t willing or couldn’t do, restricted by the Constitution, that is, create and maintain a safe environment free from crime. I feel safe going to work, sleeping at night and leaving my car unlocked if I step inside somewhere to shop. Aren’t you tired of all the crime?”
   I just can’t believe it!

June 28, 2016 — CNN said today that Michael Stewart has decreed that business globally will have many regulations reviewed. He said, “Business, whether it be private, government or public, has a right and a need to be unfettered by regulations and laws that only restrict economic growth. If we are to restore the global economy, business is the engine that will drive us into a prosperous future.” The stock markets went crazy, just at the mere thought of unrestricted business. Things on the table for consideration of the ax are unions, the EPA, health insurance, Social Security and doing things like elaborating on the “right to work” laws and realigning public education to decide what occupations a graduating student may and may not enter.
   And yet . . . and yet, everywhere His Majesty or Asa goes (they are rarely if ever seen together), huge throngs come to cheer them. They go wild. Huge paramilitary organizations all over the world are being organized to perform a religious-like pageant, waving banners and shouting pledges of their lives to defend and serve His Majesty. Likewise, Asa has his own vast following, with hundreds of thousands dressed in white robes as lookalikes all bowing and offering unwavering loyalty to Asa and to world peace.
   And in the middle of all this is Israel. Israel just keeps on being Israel. Progress is being made on preparing the Temple Mount for rebuilding the Temple through sanctification rituals. Hundreds of thousands from all over the world — including the media — have come to film the two Witnesses, who speak out against abortion, against homosexuality, against drugs, sex outside of marriage, purity through abstinence, about God’s love, teachings about how grace and mercy work and dire predictions not only for the world, but of their own deaths. They walk the streets of Jerusalem.
   Two homosexual lovers blasted them about their intolerance, blah, blah, blah, and one of the Witnesses thundered back, reciting the Old Testament about the law of Jehovah and that sex with an animal and between men was an abomination in the sight of Jehovah, that they perceived their rebellion was based on anger, but through the Word, they could be restored. After about a half hour of explaining, reasoning and pleading, the two homosexuals literally sank to the ground on their knees and repented amidst tears. Both Witnesses laid hands upon them and prayed in Hebrew. The whole throng of thousands wailed and extended their hands skyward in an unending prayer. On film — I don’t think it was faked — when the Witnesses extended their hands and placed them on the repenting homosexuals, there was actually a white light all around them, like they were electrically charged. The media is having a field day with this whole episode. Asa was asked his opinion, and he said more or less that homosexuals cannot be changed from who they are and the whole thing was staged and the two Witnesses are frauds. When they panned back to the Witnesses, one of them blasted Asa, calling him Lucifer and raised his hands toward the sky and prayed that the earth refrain from rain as condemnation of a wicked world.
   Meanwhile, there has been an immense amount of pressure not only from homosexual organizations, but from politicians and even so-called Christian leaders like that false Pope that split from the Catholic Church for the two homosexuals to remove themselves from this “brainwashing” and renounce their confessions to become heterosexual. Absolutely unbelievable. I mean, I just can’t believe that these people claiming to be our leaders are so willing to make such a big deal out of this. It’s like they feel they know better than what the Word of God says. Who do they think they are, anyway? I really believed the two Witnesses when they called Asa Lucifer. I think he IS Lucifer. Where’s my Bible . . . I gotta look up Lucifer.
   Let’s see. Michael’s healing is to deregulate and force submission. Asa’s healing is through empty praise. The Witnesses heal by fire from above.

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