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Elisabeth Gunter

Elisabeth Gunter

Rolla, Mo. — A calm, composed Elisabeth Gunter took the stand Tuesday and told the jury “I want to give Joy some justice.” Testifying as a prosecution witness, Elisabeth Gunter recounted how she and her boyfriend Dennis Woodward robbed and killed her former business associate Joy Dishneau, the owner of Naturally Enchanted, a chain of head shops that sold synthetic marijuana in Missouri and Illinois. Woodward is currently on trial here for the Dishneau robbery and murder.
On the stand for several hours, Elisabeth said she felt guilty about what happened to Joy and she wanted to tell the truth and do the right thing.
According to Elisabeth’s account what happened that night was that Dennis broke into the house in Caulfield, Mo., and stabbed Joy then came back outside and got her.
Dennis Woodward

Dennis Woodward

When she went into the house Elisabeth said she saw Joy dead on the floor. She said Dennis washed blood off the letter opener that he had sharpened into a dagger with a toothbrush from Joy’s bathroom.
It came out in testimony that the pair stole a computer, a camera, cash and money orders and went back to Norwood, Mo. They used the money and money orders to purchase two vehicles and Dennis deposited money into his bank account. Gunter then took a trip to Assumption, Ill., where she turned herself into authorities. Assumption was Gunter’s home town, and she had run a Naturally Enchanted there for Dishneau.
Other witnesses who testified for the prosecution Tuesday included Howell County Sheriff’s department deputies Jared Peterman and Dylan Webb, and Missouri State Highway Patrol officer Warren Wiedemann. The woman who noticed a broken window at Dishneau’s residence/store in Caulfield the day after the New Year’s Eve home invasion robbery in 2012 also testified.
The prosecution will continue with its case on Wednesday and are expected to call Missouri State Highway Patrol officer Casey Jadwin and Greene County Medical Examiner Keith Norton. Four other witnesses are also expected to be called.
Woodward’s trial is expected to go into final arguments on Thursday, but could extend to Friday.
On Monday, the day the trial opened, Judge William Hickle entered a motion finding Woodward beyond a reasonable doubt to be a prior and persistent offender and should he be found guilty in the “instant cause” he will be subject to “punishment enhancement according to law.”
(Trial proceedings recounted to the Hill ’n Holler Review by Rizwan Ahad, lead prosecutor for Howell County)

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