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(Photo from Frazier Glenn Miller's web page)

(Photo from Frazier Glenn Miller’s web page)

On Sunday, April 13, 2014, a shooting took place at a Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas. Two persons were killed in that shooting. A second shooting occurred shortly thereafter at a Jewish assisted living complex where another person was killed.
Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr. is being held in the Johnson County, Kansas, jail, accused of murder charges which could result in the death penalty if Cross a.k.a. Miller is convicted. There will likely be additional charges brought against him by the federal government which will allege these were crimes of hate.
Our Constitution grants each citizen the right of free speech. Our Constitution also grants us the right to bear arms and to peaceful assembly. F. Glenn Miller exercised all these rights in his privately published book “A White Man Speaks Out.” We can march in robes and hoods, gather in rural areas and don paramilitary uniforms and practice with our firearms. Do we have the right to tyrannize minorities — no! We don’t have the right to intimidate or kill minorities or others with whom we don’t agree.
There are few limits placed on this speech. We have *more* freedoms than do inhabitants outside our borders. So why now are there now so many voices crying out against our Constitution and the illegitimacy of our federal government? The why will not be answered fully in this piece, but the horrific consequences will be addressed.
Frazier Cross

Frazier G. Cross

Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. was born in November 1940. He dropped out of high school in the late 1950’s and joined the United States Army. His career in the service appeared honorable, and he achieved the designation of becoming a Green Beret and served two tours of duty in Vietnam. After serving just over twenty years in the military he was forced to resign in 1979 because he was allegedly distributing Nazi propaganda. He retired with half-pay as a Master Sergeant, according to Miller’s own account. Miller had gotten married and started a family on a small farm near his post at Ft. Bragg. He and his wife had three sons within a little over a three-year span of time, Frazier Glenn Miller III, Jesse Miller, and Michael Gunjer Miller. Miller and his wife would go on to have two other daughters.
According to his own accounts in his self-published book “A White Man Speaks Out” by F. Glenn Miller, Jr., he did not pursue a normal career path after his Army hitch ended. He states he first became enchanted with Neo-Nazi teaching in 1974. He and his wife joined his first racist group, the National States Rights Party (NSRP) that year, and when that party became too tame for his racist and virulent anti-Semitic ideations, he went on to found the Carolina Knights of Klu Klux Klan, and would become associated with other extremist groups known as “The Order” and the White People’s Party.
He admits to being present at the infamous Greensboro Massacre on Nov. 3, 1979 in which five Communist labor organizers were killed while demonstrating in “A Death to the Klan” rally. Other Klan leaders were indicted, but were acquitted. Frazier Glenn Miller was never indicted on anything related to the Greensboro Massacre.
In his book “A White Man Speaks Out” Miller takes pride in sharing his “values of White Supremacy and anti-Semitism” with his wife and children, and with anyone who would listen to him or read his copious newsletters and pamphlets on these subjects. He organized and served as Grand Dragon of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (CKKK) into the mid 1980’s. A racist and anti-Semitic organization known as “The Order” contributed at least $200,000 to the (CKKK). The (CKKK) was sued by Morris Dees and Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Dees won a million dollar civil suit and forced Miller to desist from further activities of harassment of Blacks in North Carolina by the CKKK or his “White Peoples Party (WPP). This consent decree was signed in 1985, but Miller was accused of violating it in 1986. This was to set off a flurry of events that would disrupt Miller’s life enormously.
Miller fled from North Carolina and by April 1987, was living in a trailer near Ozark, MO. In a raid on his trailer on April 30, 1987, he and two associates — Douglas Lawrence Sheets and Robert Eugene Jackson — were arrested on federal weapons violations charges. Here we are about to see the duplicitous and self-serving side of Frazier Glenn Miller emerge.
Miller’s account of this arrest is given, in part, from this quote from “A White Man Speaks Out” Speaking on the subject of a federal plea bargain, Miller is quoted: “I was to plead guilty to one count of felony possession of a hand grenade and answer all questions posed to me by the authorities. In return, they would recommend a 5-year prison sentence, immunity from any further prosecution by either state or federal authorities, and entrance into the Federal Witness Protection Program which included the financial support of my family while I served my sentence . . . .
. . . “As a result of my plea bargain and subsequent interrogations, not one single soul ever served one day in jail on account of me and not one single soul was ever indicted for any crime whatsoever on account of me.”

In a perverse way, the last paragraph is accurate, but it was not from his lack of trying. In quick succession, he would testify at a Federal Sedition Trial in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and in at least one state criminal trial in Shelby (Cleveland County), North Carolina.
A veritable rogue’s gallery of alleged White Supremacists and anti-Semites known as “The Order” went on trial in early 1988 in Fort Smith. The federal government accused the fourteen defendants with trying to overthrow the federal government and form an All-White nation in the Pacific Northwest. James Ellison, a known member of a polygamist group known as “The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord” (CSA) and Mr. Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. were the star prosecution witnesses. Miller’s testimony earned him the enmity of many White Supremacists. The Sedition trial ended with acquittal of all charged defendants.in April 1988.
Miller testified against his former associate, Douglas Sheets, in a criminal trial in early 1989. Sheets was charged with three counts of First Degree Murder in the killings of three patrons of an adult book store in early 1987. His testimony was unconvincing, while the defense attorney maintained that Sheets had an alibi which would have made it impossible for him to have been at the scene of the crime. Miller’s trial testimony was so confusing that murder charges against Sheet’s co-defendant — Robert Eugene Jackson — was dropped after Sheets was acquitted. Sheets did not escape doing longer time in a federal prison for his role in the Ozark, MO, weapons charges; however. Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. did his three-year sentence in a comfortable federal prison in New York State.
The defense attorney for Sheets, Les Farfour, has maintained that Miller played some part in the execution style shootings at the bookstore. The victims were forced to lie on the floor and were shot in the head. This was an adult bookstore and was believed to be frequented by persons who were “gay.” Talking to the Hill ’n Holler Review, Farfour told us that although it never entered into court record Miller’s statements to the prosecution described a two-way mirror in the bookstore, which led him to believe that he either “scoped the bookstore out or directed the operation.” Farfour described Miller as a “leader, not a doer.” This is why Farfour said he was “surprised” when Miller/Cross took action “himself” when he allegedly shot three people in Overland Park, Kansas, this month at Jewish related sites. The shootings occurred on April 13, shortly before Adolf Hitler’s birthday on April 20. When he was put into the police car, Cross /Miller reportedly raised his fist and yelled “Heil Hitler.”
Released in 1990, Miller enrolled in truck driving school. He drove a truck for over twenty years. By local accounts, he and his family lived in the Aurora/Marionville community of Lawrence County, Missouri. He was known by locals as a man who held virulently hateful views. But he himself never carried out any overt act of violence while living in Missouri.
Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of his son Jesse Miller. In March 2008, the younger Miller was involved in an auto accident. He allegedly killed a would-be good-Samaritan with a shotgun. He then continued walking away from the scene and was confronted by a Marionville police officer. The police officer tried in vain to get Jesse to drop his shotgun, but he fired it at the officer, striking him in the shoulder. The officer returned fire and shot Jesse dead. One can only speculate how some of the vitriol spewed by the elder Miller affected his family.
Dan Clevenger, the owner of an engine repair shop and former mayor of Marionville, has made several remarks to the media about knowing Miller for over twenty years. Clevenger told the Hill ’n Holler Review that Miller had told him three or four years ago that he did not expect to live much longer and Clevenger speculated that he “wanted to go out with a bang.” That is why he went to Kansas, “because he wanted a bigger spotlight,” Clevenger said. This appears to be the best analysis yet of what was motivating him to commit such a senselessly violent action.
In addition Miller was likely thinking of increasing his creds with many White Supremacists who revile him for previous cooperation with the federal government. We may never know the why. We are certain of the effects on the victims of his hatred, known and unknown. We know about the three victims in Kansas. We can speculate on what his hate mongering did to his family
The only real insight into Frazier Glenn Miller’s mind is his book, “A White Man’s Story.” In it he talks about his son Michael Gunjer Miller who died in an auto accident Jan. 4, 1998 at the age of 19. Miller brags that this son fire bombed a Negro crack house and went to prison and “much, much, more.”
He later tells us: “If I fall, bury me in the Old Miller graveyard near Dillon, South Carolina, in my Patriot uniform, with my arm raised in the White Power salute, and play the following songs over me — The Old Rugged Cross, Tomorrow Belongs to Me, Ride of the Valkyries, and Dixie.”
Frazier Glenn Miller may have been trying to follow in the footsteps of his hero, Adolf Hitler. Miller allegedly killed the weak and helpless: An old man, a young boy and a woman .
So did Adolf Hitler.
Hill ’n Holler staff writers

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