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same sex marriage 1Update: The Arkansas Supreme Court Wednesday turned down the state Attorney General’s request for an emergency stay. For full story, click HERE.
Little Rock, Ark. — Pulaski County Clerk’s office as of 1:30 p.m. today had issued 161 marriage licenses to same sex couples who are seeking to marry under a ruling issued by Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Christopher Piazza.
Until they hear from the Arkansas Attorney General or there is a stay, we will continue to do so, a spokesman for the County Clerk’s office said today. They started issuing licenses at 8 a.m. this morning.
Most counties in the rest of Arkansas are refusing to issue licenses waiting to hear from the state. In Craighead County they are getting the software ready in case they are allowed to issue the licenses. We are waiting for a definite answer from the state and said they expected to hear before the end of the day, they said. Craighead County was not involved in the lawsuit.
So far this is the stance taken by many of the counties in the northeast and northwest regions of the state. Fulton, Sharp, Randolph, Baxter, :Lawrence, Izzard, and Stone Counties all are refusing to issue same sex marriage licenses and some have had inquiries. Baxter County said they had several phone calls and four or five E-mails on the subject.
In Carroll County where the first same sex marriage licenses were issued in Eureka Springs on Saturday, the county stopped issuing the licenses at about 11 a.m. this morning after notice from the Carroll County Attorney. Up until then the county had issued 60 marriage licenses on Saturday and had issued 13 before they were stopped.
In Fayetteville, 23 same sex marriage licenses were issued this morning at the Washington County courthouse.
The Arkansas Attorney today petitioned the Arkansas Supreme Court for an emergency stay on the judgment to avoid confusion and uncertainty until that court makes a final decision on the issue. To view the five-page petition from the Attorney General’s office, click Arkansas AG Motion for Stay. Judge Piazza had not responded to the Attorney General’s earlier request for a stay from him.
To view Judge Piazza’s 13-page ruling, click Arkansas_Same_Sex_Marriage_Ruling.
WATCH for further developments.

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