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Same Sex Marriage BanLittle Rock, Ark. — The Arkansas Supreme Court late Friday afternoon issued an emergency stay on Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Christopher Piazza’s various rulings allowing the issuance of same sex marriage licenses in Arkansas. He had found the refusal to grant such licenses to be unconstitutional.
The stay was brief and without comment. To view the document, click Arkansas_Supreme_Court_Stay_in_Same_Sex_Marriage_Case.
The stay would prevent county clerks from issuing any more same sex marriage licenses, at least until the state Supreme Court makes a final ruling. Many believe the case will go to the U.S. Supreme Court; some of that court’s previous rulings are cited in Judge Piazza’s rulings.
The stay was in response to the Arkansas Attorney General’s latest request for a stay. To view that request, click Arkansas renews petition for stay 5-15-14.
The state Supreme Court gave the plaintiff’s until 2 p.m. Friday to respond to the request. To view their response, click Arkansas plaintiffs response to another stay request.
To view the recent history of the issue and earlier links to pertinent documents, see our previous story HERE.
After Judge Piazza’s most recent rulings, Pulaski County had resumed issuing same sex marriage licenses Thursday afternoon and Washington County was issuing them Thursday morning. In most cases based on the advice of county attorneys, most county clerks were not yet issuing same sex marriage licenses.

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