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EbolaWashington, D.C. — Centers for Disease Control (CDC) went on Radio America Sunday night and said they are “surging fifty” health detectives and specialists into West Africa today in an effort to contain the now historic outbreak of Ebola virus that confirmed cases contribute to 700 deaths in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, where two American volunteers, a doctor and a missionary contracted the disease.
CDC director Tom Frieden said the United States is sending in public health specialists who by doing “old fashioned” health care you find the patients, get them treated, track down their contacts and upgrade hospital care will make Ebola go away.
Currently, the two American health care workers Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol have been treated with an experimental serum called ZMapp™, which seems to be having an effect on the so far untreatable virus. The serum has to be shipped at subzero temperatures and has an extended thaw out period before it can be given intravenously.
Frieden said any vaccine for Ebola is a long way away and said the situation will “get worse before it gets better.”
In the meantime, both heads of state from Liberia and Sierra Leone have cancelled their attendance to an African conference scheduled to be held in the United States this week. Heads of 50 African nations are expected to come here, and President Obama said the U.S. is taking “appropriate precautions” in screening delegates to the three-day summit.
So far the only international airline to halt flights to Guinea is the Dubai-based Emirates.

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