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AnonymousSt. Louis, Mo. — The cyberspace hacker group known as Anonymous has released two videos targeting Ferguson, Mo., for the death of a 18-year-old unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.
They have urged protesters to converge on the town and engage in non-violent protest. The cyberspace group decried looting and said that such actions would not win any justice for Brown.
They have asked residents to open their homes and house the protesters and to allow them to use their Internet.
They said they will insist that Missouri legislative officials introduce a bill to set national standards for police conduct in the United States.
Should the protesters be interfered with or harmed, the hackers threatened to knock every law enforcement agency engaging in such conduct off line and release all of their personal data on the web.
In their video they said Michael Brown was shot six times and left to die in the heat. They said officials left their victim to die without medical aid as they rushed to seal off the town from expected protesters.
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