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Nurses of Carlos III hospital, where nurse Teresa Romero is being treated for the Ebola

Nurses of Carlos III hospital, where nurse Teresa Romero is being treated for the Ebola

EbolaMonrovia, Dallas, Madrid — The Ebola virus that the CDC, WHO and other health officials keep telling us is difficult to catch is on the move despite the use of protective gear by health care workers.
Two health care workers who used protective gear are now infected with the disease: One in Madrid, Teresa Romero, who is listed today in serious condition, and one unidentified nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient diagnosed in America. Despite protective gear, this disease that supposedly is hard to get got them. The Spanish nurse cared for the two priests who caught Ebola in Liberia and who came home and died of the disease despite reported doses of ZMapp, the drug that saved two Americans.
In Monrovia, Liberia, today health care workers are ignoring their union’s call to strike for higher hazard pay, better protective gear and insurance; the workers are listening to the government’s call for reasonable action in the face of the epidemic. So far in Liberia, 95 health care workers have contacted the disease. They were wearing protective gear and they sprayed themselves with disinfectant outside the treatment centers — and they still caught Ebola. American Dr. Kent Brantly, who was in Monrovia at the treatment center, thinks he caught Ebola while he was scrubbing down prior to donning the protective gear.
After the Dallas nurse was confirmed as having Ebola this weekend, the head of the CDC went public and blamed the infection on a breach in protocol but was unable to identify what that breach was. Dr. Thomas Frieden assured the world that the CDC was on the job working to stop Ebola.
Figures are somewhat fluid but according to WHO (World Health Organization), Ebola deaths in West Africa are about 4,000, and about 8,000 are infected since March. CDC’s Dr. Frieden predicts a million Ebola infections by this January if the disease is not stopped in West Africa.
Dr. Gil Mobley

Dr. Gil Mobley

Now, one Springfield, Mo., microbiologist and physician Gil Mobley, who runs Dr. Gil’s Immediate Care Clinic there, has criticized the CDC for its floundering response to Ebola. Dr. Mobley showed up at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Oct. 2 dressed in protective gear with the words “CDC is Lying” on the back. He checked in for a flight and was not screened at check-in. Mobley said the CDC were either lying or grossly incompetent. “Anyone can connect the dots and see this is going to consume all the Third World countries Clusters are going to overwhelm our ability, and then we are going to have big problems,” Mobley said.

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