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EbolaDallas, Tex. — A second Dallas health care worker has been diagnosed with Ebola and just prior to becoming symptomatic flew on Frontier Airlines 1143 Cleveland, Ohio, to Dallas/Forth Worth landing at 8:16 p.m. Monday. The health care worker became symptomatic the next morning after flying Frontier.
Today, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is asking all 132 passengers to contact the CDC at 1-800-232-4636 after 1 p.m. Eastern Time to be interviewed by the CDC.
The health care worker flew Frontier on Oct. 10 to Cleveland on flight 1142.
According to the Frontier crew, the health care worker did not exhibit any Ebola symptoms on the Oct. 13 flight.
Frontier Airlines was notified of the situation at 1 a.m. MT Oct. 15 and took the airplane out of service. They said the airplane stayed at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and was cleaned per their normal procedures according to CDC guidelines on Oct 13. prior to returning to service. It was also cleaned again last night in Cleveland.
Frontier said they are assisting the CDC in passenger identification. They ask that passengers who travelled on either 1142 or 1143 contact the CDC.
This is the second health care worker in Dallas to be diagnosed with Ebola, the third is in Madrid. Since the outbreak began in West Africa this March the CDC and WHO have steadfastly maintained that the virus cannot get a foothold in civilized counties with a sophisticated health care system in place.
The arrogance of this stance needs to be replaced with a dash of cold water in the face called “reality.” The State of Connecticut has declared a state of emergency. Arkansas and Missouri and Texas need to follow suit. As CDC director Tom Frieden said, “Ebola is only a plane ride away”.

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