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Protest 1St. Louis and Ferguson, Mo. — With the addition of 2,200 National Guard troops in Ferguson Tuesday night protests did not go incendiary. There were arrests made but the only damage reported by the Unified Command was a police car.
Monday night, when 700 National Guard were in the town, several businesses were torched and 61 persons were arrested for charges ranging from arson to burglary and unlawful assembly.
Wednesday during the day, the protests spilled into the city of St. Louis, where police locked down the St. Louis City Hall and activated 100 extra police. The group of protesters at city hall was reportedly small, and three persons were reported arrested.
On Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning the Unified Command reported that there were 45 arrests. The Missouri State Highway Patrol tally was 8 arrests: Seven for unlawful assembly and one assault.
The St. Louis County Sheriff reported 37 arrests: three armed criminal action,18 for unlawful assembly and 12 for interfering. No law enforcement officer was reported injured.
Update:: The Unified Command reported only two arrests made late Wednesday and early Thursday. The State Highway Patrol made one arrest on a felony arrest warrant. St. Louis County Police reported one arrest for unlawful assembly. No police officers were injured, and no police vehicle was damaged. Additionally, no arrests were made Thursday or early Friday.

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