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David  Lohr

David Lohr

By David Lohr
Taxidermist for Kosh Trading Post

We are at the point of the year where most hunting seasons are closed, although coyote hunting can still be fun, but for many we are looking for other outdoor activities that can be an adventure.
As for me, I am beginning to start the mountain man activities for the spring and summer. Kosh trading Post will be represented at a rendezvous in Dexter, Mo., the first weekend in April where we will be giving demonstrations on primitive archery including the atlatl. We intend to spend the third weekend in Charleston, Mo., doing the same thing, the first weekend of May at a rendezvous by Hermitage., Mo., doing the same, as well as an ISAC atlatl competition, a preppers expo in Mountain Home the last weekend of May demonstrating atlatl, and then on Father’s Day weekend we plan to be at West Plains with the Ozark Mountain Long Rifles for their primitive skills demonstrations.
These type events can be some of the most fun entertainment that you can have. Imagine for a moment what it would be like to have lived in the early 1800’s. The most modern firearms would have been cap and ball muzzleloaders with the flintlock still the normal. A canvass tent would have been a luxury, cooking over open fire in iron cookware and Dutch ovens, the normal. Shoes would have been from real leather (moccasins); clothes would have been made from cotton or leather. Iron goods would have made by your local blacksmith. Fires were made with flint and steel (if you were lucky), and the bathroom would have been a tree somewhere or outhouse (at these events porta-potty). At rendezvous there would certainly have been shooting matches, hawk throws, and archery competitions. You can see everything from cane bottom chairs being woven, to knives being forged, to gun barrels being rifled, stone arrowheads being knapped, primitive cooking, and a whole world of other primitive skills only limited to who got to make the trip to this rendezvous.
A day visit to this type event is always worth the trip back through time, but for those who ever were fascinated with history this is the perfect type of an event to live the history that you enjoyed studying. You may be one of those people that should be camping in the canvas, throwing the hawks and teaching others the same, cooking over the open fire, and living the history for that weekend. I know a few people that have turned this lifestyle into a way of living, and many more who participate in several per year because of the enjoyment of spending several days per year away from the rat race of our everyday life. If you think this may be for you, start with a visit to one of these events, throw the hawk, shoot a cap and ball, shoot a primitive bow, eat some real food and at the end of the day talk to some of the people there about any local clubs to join.
Here in the Ozarks we are lucky enough to have the Ozark Mountain Long Rifles, which is a local club that has a place to have several rendezvous per year and monthly shoots, in addition to doing several other events throughout the year. You will never meet a better group of people to help you get involved in your future with our past. If you would like to become a part of this great group of people, contact me at Kosh Trading Post, 206 Bingham, Koshkonong., Mo., or Phone 417-280-6304. Also be sure and check out our web page at koshtradingpost.angelfire.com or our Facebook page, koshtrading post.
I am attaching pictures from a couple of events I have been privileged enough to attend. So even if you don’t have any hunting or fishing seasons now, I hope to see you at some of these events.Photo-0010Photo-0012PIC_0147

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