SeleniumBy Christopher Barr
24, a popular television program for more than a decade, each season covered in detail 24 hours of a day investigating a terrible crime in which hour by hour twists and turns changed so that what appeared at the beginning was by the end shown to be completely different than it appeared in the beginning. The following reveals a just recently concluded 24 no less complex or compelling. The primary difference is that this is not a fictional account but rather a true story of intentional misdirection by a multitude of powerful sources designed to both arrest help and bring harm to a nation and beyond.
Received an early morning message of a televised news report on an ABC affiliate that “Selenium can increase skin cancer risk” according to a screen grab from a television via cell phone camera sent to me by one of my operatives. The operative note indicated a personal outrage from the sender.
The sad, sullen saga of selenium slander is an on-going story that I have personally detailed historically, scientifically and politically the past few decades and shared around the nation.
Quickly launching numerous internet searches failed to reveal any documentation or even a mention of such a story at the local affiliate that televised it or ABC News in general.
A Google search revealed nothing at all. A Google News search listed two published stories that turned out to be just one story as each of the two were actually the same exact story at CBS News Detroit affiliate.
The article cited a Colorado professor, researcher and medical doctor claiming that supplements cause cancer.
Oddly, no Colorado news stories could be found citing their own state “hero”.
Article cited “studies” (plural) supported this without naming even a single study.
Something rotten in the state of mainstream journalism it would appear.
The author of the article was lauded in a bio for many years of journalism with both CBS and NBC News affiliates in multiple cities.
Further down in the bio it was noted the author also “has done corporate video and voice over work for companies such as Pfizer”, cited numerous other Big Pharma connections, and that she received “an American Cancer Society Woman of the Year award.”
The author is a paid shill for Big Pharma and the CBS Evening News even boasts of it in her official bio!
So much for objective news journalism in the mainstream media!
The Google News listing of only two news stories (that were actually only the same one story) at the bottom of the search results contained a link, “Explore In Depth” with a notation next to the link stating “109 articles”.
Clicking on the link to explore more deeply brought only the same two news stories (that were actually only the same one story).
So much for Google News providing their promised citation of more depth.
By the next hour the Google News “Explore In Depth” link now noted “114 articles”.
A third article had appeared with the previous two (that were actually just one) on another online news site located more than 2,000 miles from Detroit.
The third article contained almost word for word the exact same words of the previous two articles (that were actually just one article).
Uh-oh … that doesn’t look good.
The earlier author’s name was nowhere to be found with the “new” news article but rather it was listed as submitted by another female name.
The plot thickens.
By the end of 24 hours the Google News “Explore in Depth” link listed “148 articles” though still only listing those first three articles that substantially are the same two that are entirely one.
By other than Google News means a very few other news articles were found.
Between all the stories some cited the basis as a study (singular) while others cited studies (plural). Some cited “10 years” as the period of time of the study or studies and others cited “20 years”.
Obviously “the” basis can’t be both just one study and also multiple studies. Neither can a single study be both a “10 year” study and also a “20 year study”.
Furthermore, none of the news articles listed the name of any study or studies. None of them named the name of a publication or publications.
In the 24th hour I finally found the source of ALL the three, two, one or 148 articles.
A single university blog from the home state of the one and only man cited in every story noted the information as described at “a forum” of a recent annual meeting.
The “news” source was not a study.
The “news” source was not numerous studies.
The “news” source was a single individual speaking his opinion in a crowded room.
The “news” also was not any new “news” at all though it was blasted throughout America as startling “news” in a 24-hour news cycle.
The very bottom of the blog noted the “data source for this article” as a review published more than three years ago.
Further review discovered the published review as originally submitted almost 4 years ago.
So ALL the new “news” stories across the nation in the 24-hour news cycle were regurgitated information opined by one speaker from almost 4 years before.
The single speaker attributed in all the writings during the 24-hour news cycle also had his name appended at the bottom of the blog piece with the little words “et al”.
Indeed, the single speaker was the last listed on the published review. Judging by a comparison of the credentials of each of those listed the last listed was listed last because he was the least of them all — if credentials indicated are any indication.
None of the many others have come forward, been cited, or apparently even sighted at all with all the hullabaloo of this new “news” story in a single 24-hour news cycle.
Maybe because each and every one of them had enough sense to remain silent and only be thought fools than to open their mouths to speak and remove all doubt.
The single publication behind all of this was not a study but rather an opinion piece against dietary supplements.
When I finally was able to put my hands around all of this it was just a ‘Spook’ story of smoke and mirrors.
I’ve never seen a single piece of swiss cheese with anywhere near as many holes in it as the op-ed hit-piece against dietary supplements that was the “data source” for all the “news” reported.
It was buried in the journal of one nationally known openly announced anti-nutrient supplement government agency, under another federal known anti-nutrient supplement agency, beneath yet another federal known anti-nutrient supplement organization behind yet one more federal anti-nutrient supplement center.
It might be more accurate to refer to each of the four as phederal organizations as they all share numerous common connections to Big Pharma.
At the end of the 24-hour news cycle there was also a statement in conclusion added to the blog stating, “Many recent news reports stemming from this news release present incomplete data. ”.
Many? More like all of them.
This exceedingly complex and twisted investigatory 24 series was successfully undertaken and completed by this Jack-of-all-trades Bowery boy every man, NotADoc — a science and nutrition historian/researcher that previously was a mainstream media journalist (undercover) for one of the largest newspapers in America and the world.
Just another chapter in the decades old sad, sullen saga of selenium slander.
Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

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