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Zachary Dwayne Holly

Zachary Dwayne Holly

justice 4jBenton County, Ark.—The Zachary Holly murder trial could go to the jury as early as Wednesday morning because both the state and the defense are expected to make their closing statements when court opens Wednesday at 9 a.m.
Prosecutors rested today, Tuesday, after presenting forensic witnesses from the Arkansas State Crime Lab. The state medical examiner testified Tuesday afternoon regarding autopsy results on 6-year-old Jersey Bridgeman, who was raped and strangled.
Defense did not present any witnesses and are not contesting that Holly committed the crime.
Holly’s attorneys are expected to call witnesses should the sentencing hearing commence in an effort to keep the jury from enforcing the death penalty.
Depending on how long the jury is out, it is possible that the sentencing hearing could commence tomorrow.
Jersey Bridgeman

Jersey Bridgeman

Holly is accused of murdering the 6-year-old girl after being her babysitter while her mother was working. Holly and his wife were neighbors of Jersey’s mother and acted as babysitters for the child and her 2-year-old sister.

According to DesaRae Bridgeman Crouch, Holly carried the sleeping child back to her house and put her to bed. When she came up missing the next morning police found her dead in a vacant house on the same property.

Holly was taken into custody six days later after he went to the police station and was interviewed. Police had previously confiscated articles of clothing worn by Holly that night.

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