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James Horn

James Barton Horn Jr.

Clinton, Mo. — James Barton Horn Jr., 47, the suspect in the woman in a box double murders is still at large today after a standoff at his home in Sedalia failed to turn him up Thursday.
Police are on a manhunt for Horn after the woman he is accused of locking in a wooden box for four months and her 17-year-old son turned up dead here, both shot at the home of a relative she was living with.
Horn, who has a history of sexual violence and kidnapping, is described as armed and dangerous, 5’11”, 175 lbs., dark hair and dark eyes.
His victims are Sandra Kay Sutton,46, and her son Zachary Wade. Police said the boy Wednesday was found dead on the stairs in the home and his mother was found dead in a bedroom when their relatives returned home from work.
Clinton police held a press conference at the Henry County Sheriff’s office this morning and will hold another at 3:30 this afternoon to discuss autopsy results.
A spokesman on the case, Lt. Sonny Lynch. told the Hill ’n Holler Review that they have no reason not to believe that Horn is still in Missouri.
Clinton is being assisted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s DDCC Unit, the Missouri Rural Major Case Squad and nine counties in western Missouri.
Anyone with information regarding Horn or his possible current location is asked to call the Clinton Police at 660-285-2679.

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