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Baxter County Sheriff 2Mountain Home, Ark. — The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office is advising residents here today to lock their doors and windows, and to secure their vehicles in the wake of a home invasion at 155 Family Lane at 2:02 a.m. today.
Sheriff’s Deputies and Mountain Home Police were unable to locate the two fugitives who invaded the home in ski masks and dark clothing, set the homeowner’s car on fire and fled into the woods.
The woman, who said she awoke to find the two masked intruders in her home, said she was knocked down by one of them who she described as 5’9″ to six feet tall and weighing about 180 lbs.
She was able to call 911, and when she was on the phone looked outside and saw her car on fire.
Sheriff’s Deputies responded within four minutes of the call. Property stolen from the home including jewelry, a purse and a laptop were recovered about 50 yards from the burning car. Police have taken them into evidence.
The invaders are still at large despite a manhunt that included tracking dogs, a helicopter and road blocks.
Anyone with information regarding these suspects is asked to call the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office at (870) 425-7000.
Police said they were tracked northbound into a heavily wooded area and they may have made it to a highway and been picked up.
Update: As of Tuesday afternoon the suspects had not yet been apprehended. Police believe they are from the Mountain Home area and are still still nearby. Anyone seeing suspicious activity on their property should contact the sheriff’s office.

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