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Gypsy R. Blancharde  (Green County Sheriff's office photo)

Gypsy R. Blancharde (Green County Sheriff’s office photo)

justice 4jSpringfield, Mo. — Gypsy R. Blancharde did not appear in Greene County Circuit Court this morning to hear her arraignment date set. She was represented by public defender Michael Stanfield. Her formal arraignment date will be 8:30 a. m. Monday, June 29, before Judge J. Ronald Carrier.
This is the same date as her boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn’s extradition hearing in Waukesha, Wis.
Gypsy is now being held at the Greene County Jail. She was booked at 1:25 p.m. today, with her bond set at $1 million.
The pair are being charged with the murder of Gypsy’s mother, Dee Dee Blancharde.
The 48-year-old mother was found dead at her Habitat for Humanity home in Springfield on June 14, and authorities believe she was murdered on or about June 9.
Her corpse was discovered after a virulent Facebook post appeared on the 14th proclaiming her death. The post was traced to Godejohn’s home in Big Bend, Wis.
The Springfield community was shocked as it became apparent that Gypsy, who had spent her life masquerading as a sick and wheelchair bound invalid, was not the person her mother and later she had presented to the world.
After wading through several birth dates for Gypsy, police determined she was 23 years old.
Police discovered an apparent medical and financial scam that dated back to a 9-year-old Gypsy in Louisiana. See Hill ’n Holler’s “A Reversal of Fortune: The tragic life, death and legacy of Dee Dee Blancharde”.
Both Gypsy and Godejohn are being held on a million dollar bond.
To see the probable cause statement, click HERE.

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