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DenverBroncos-Logo 3Denver, Colo. — The Denver Broncos finally beat the San Francisco 49ers in a slow as molasses boring game 19-12 .here at Mile High Field Saturday night.. Denver was working on its running game, and the 49ers were going nowhere until their star quarterback Colin Kaepernick showed his running backs how to do it.
For most of the game both teams were mired down in field goal or punt out city with not a touchdown in sight.
Bronco’s Peyton Manning had to settle for a 37-yard field goal after his receiver Demaryius Thomas dropped the touchdown ball to put them up 3-0 in the first quarter. Demarcus Ware scored another two points on a safety to put them up 5-0. Back in the red zone at the half the Broncos at the three yard line failed to execute and went back to field goal city to make it 8-0.
49ersWith seconds to go before the half, Kaepernick on a third and four cut loose and ran his team down to the 16 yard line. He blazed down the field for 54 yards and still had to settle for a field goal to make the score 8-3 at half time.
The second half was field goal city for both teams, and the 49ers pulled ahead of the Broncos by one point on a field goal 9-8 at the end of the third quarter and again on Cory Acosta boots to make it 12 –11 in the fourth.
As the fourth quarter was winding down Bronco quarterback Brock Osweiler found big Juan Thompson and scored the only touchdown of the game with Thompson going in for the two point conversion 19-12. Ho Hum City.
Broncos are now 3-0 for the Pre Season. The Final Pre Season game Thursday is at home against the Arizona Cardinals.

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