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Syria Is CallingIceland — Dissatisfied with their government’s weak response to the Syrian refugee crisis, people in Iceland have turned to social media to get things done. So far, more than 11,000 people have used the Facebook Page Syria is Calling to offer their homes to Syrian refugees who have been run out of Syria during the war.
The Icelandic government had agreed to accept a paltry 50 refugees from the estimated 4 million who are in camps, and the millions of children who are homeless.
In Iceland author and professor Bryndis Bjorvinsdottir turned to Facebook and helped organize the Icelandic response where people are offering their homes and help to integrate and educate the refugees.
The Facebook Page Syria is Calling now is getting response from The Green Party of England and Wales. Green Party MP posted this: “In the Week that London will once again host the largest arms fair in the world, isn’t it time the government recognizes the link between arms sales and this terrible tragedy we’re seeing unfold around us. We think the UK should welcome refugees not arms dealers” – MP Caroline Lucas.
The United States has been pretty quiet about the Syrian refugee crisis; not a lot of Facebook action here. So far the U.S. has accepted 1,500 refugees, and projections are we could take in a paltry 8,000 next year. So far, little Iceland, with a total population of 300,000, is making the U.S. look stingy.
With Iceland’s bold step into the situation pressure is building on the US to take in more refugees Today CNN brought this into focus, and the International Rescue Committee has called on the U.S. to open its doors to 65,000 refugees. Germany has just committed to accepting 800,000 refugees, and German football fans waved posters in support of the refugees and the conservative German tabloid Bild has come out in support of accepting the refugees.
If there any substantial Facebook support in the U.S. we couldn’t find it. Want to put the pressure on the U.S. to accept more refugees? Syria Is Calling.
These people have been forced into their situation by war. A war that rages on between the Assad Regime and ISIS, and now Russia has jumped in the mix along with the U.S. None of whom really want to take any responsibility for the millions of human casualties on the streets and in camps. How does it seem to go — you take them; we don’t want them in our country.
C.L.Caroline Lucas

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