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ACLU Arkansas Logo 2Police brutality trial underway in Federal Court today
Little Rock, Ark. — Jury selection got underway today for the federal district court trial brought by the Arkansas ACLU in behalf of the Robinson family of Dover, Ark.
The mother, Eva and her 16-year-old son Matthew accuse police of brutalizing them as they were walking their dog outside their home in September 2011 when they were stopped by police and beaten.
The Robinsons said they were detained in the back of a patrol car and that after the officer called for backup her son was tazed and beaten, and she had her glasses broken and was choked.
Ms. Robinson said they identified themselves, said they lived nearby, were walking their dog and that they knew the Dover Police Chief.
The case is brought against Dover Deputy Marshal Steven Payton.
Police kept insisting that the son had drugs and a drug pipe, which turned out to be a chuck from his father’s auto repair shop.
The Robinsons are stating that their rights to be free from unlawful search and seizure, undue force and prosecution were violated.
To view the background on the case, click HERE.

Violence Reduction NetworkLittle Rock and West Memphis qualify for federal Violence Reduction Network program
Detroit, Mich. — The cities of Little Rock and West Memphis, Ark., have been added to a list of cities eligible to participate in a Violence Reduction Network program, qualifying as municipalities with a violence level far in excess of national averages and have exhibited a recent increase in violence.
As two of the five cities to participate in the federal program they will receive specialized attention and advice from experts in the field, including training and development of technical resource strategies. Department of Justice resource people will work with local law enforcement authorities.
Little Rock and West Memphis join Compton, Calif.; Flint, Mich.; and Newark. N.J., as VRN cities. Last year’s candidates were Detroit, Chicago, Camden, N.J., Wilmington, Del., and Oakland and Richmond, Calif.

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