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Thayer BobcatThayer, Mo. — The Thayer Bobcats ran out onto their home field on fire Friday night and blazed their way to a 54-8 victory over the Willow Springs Bears.
Bobcat Spencer Ary opened up the game with an 80-yard kickoff return after Bobcats won the coin toss and took the first possession of the game.
Willow Spring Bears went to punt out city and except for their single score stayed there for the rest of the game, held there by a determined Bobcat defense.
By the end of the first quarter Thayer Bobcats had scored four times to make the score 27-0. The only flaw in the first quarter was that Landon Tyler missed his first PAT.
Willow Springs Bears 2In the second quarter Bobcats scored two more times, and the Willow Spring Bears managed to score on a Ben Wake pass that was deflected into the waiting hands of Bear senior Brenton Fine, who took it 75 yards for a touchdown; the two point conversion to sophomore Dakota McDaniel was good to make the score 34-8.
Score at the end of the half was 41 to 8.
The first half looked like this: for Bobcats: Spencer Ary, 80-yard kick return (6-0); Ayden Henry, 10-yard touchdown run (13-0); Matt Griffith, 47-yard touchdown run (20-0); Braydon Pender, 30-yard touch run (27-0) and 4-yard touchdown run (34-0); 75-yard kick return by Clay Williams and 15-yard touchdown run by Garrett Young (41-8).
The second half went this way for the Thayer Bobcats: Bobcat interception by Matt Griffith with a 50-yard return (48-8), and in the fourth quarter Garrett Young made another 18-yard touchdown run (54-8)
This win puts the Bobcats at 7-1 and looking at travelling next week to play the 7-1 Mountain Grove Panthers. The Panthers Friday defeated Houston Tigers 34-7 at Houston. The Bobcats had defeated Houston 64-7 Sept. 18 at Thayer.
When the game started Friday the Bobcats were ranked first in District and number 9 in the state.

In Missouri, West Plains Zizzers over Parkview 43-21; Ava over Cabool 41-13; and Poplar Bluff over Hillsboro 35-18
In Arkansas, Little Rock Central over Mountain Home 41-7; Highland over Harrisburg 41-8; Jonesboro West Side over Cave City 27-20; Pocahontas over Brookland 48-14; Melbourne over Corning 46-28; Earl over Walnut Ridge 34-14; and Batesville over Forest City 41 –12.

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