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Frazier Glenn Miller/Cross

Frazier Glenn Miller/Cross

Olathe, Kan. — Career white supremacist Frazier Glenn Cross aka Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. was formally sentenced to die today by Judge T. Kelly Ryan.
Before announcing his decision, Johnson County Court Judge Ryan — and Miller/Cross — spent the afternoon listening to the three victims’ relatives telling their stories.
Frazier Glenn Miller/Cross, 74, of Aurora, Mo., this morning had his motion for a new trial denied by Judge Ryan.
The career white supremacist was found guilty Aug. 31 by a jury who on Sept. 8 recommended the death penalty for shooting to death William Corporan and his grandson Reat Underwood outside a Jewish Community Center and Terri LaManno who was visiting her mother at Jewish retirement home in Overland Park, Kansas.
Frazier Glenn Miller/Cross has been a mouthy defendant during his year-long captivity, hearings and trial. He chose to defend himself and spent most of his time defending his Nazi/anti-Semite stance.
Glen Miller/Cross made no bones about shooting his three victims Aug. 13, 2014, and said his only regret was that they were not Jewish. At one time he noted that they deserved what they got for hanging around with Jews. Miller/Cross, who said he was on a mission, said his intent was to kill as many Jews as he could.
Frazier Glenn Miller in his younger days

Frazier Glenn Miller in his younger days

Miller/Cross went out on his mission to kill Jews after learning that he had Emphysema and had a short life span. Prior to that he had to content himself with his Internet web site and helping distribute an anti-Semite magazine with a fellow believer. This is after doing some time in federal prison in the witness protection program (which the feds will neither confirm or deny) for testifying against “The Order” and other Klan members. Caught on weapons and conspiracy charges after coming to the Ozarks, Miller reportedly cut a deal.
Prior to that Miller/Cross was run out of North Carolina to the Ozarks by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Morris Dees. He was a Klan founder and leader in North Carolina. His group was reportedly funded by The Order.
Commenting on Miller/Cross’s Overland Park actions, a lawyer who knew him in the ’80’s said it was not characteristic of Miller. He described him as a leader, not one involved in the mission.
His obvious move to reinstate himself with the White Supremacist movement was botched. He killed three Christians and now has been given the death penalty.
See Hill ’n Holler’s “Hate’s Insidious Consequences — Profile of white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller/Cross”.
Will Miller/Cross become a martyr for the “Cause”?

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