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David  Lohr

David Lohr

By David Lohr
Taxidermist for Kosh Trading Post
I would like to take just a short time to let everybody see the deer harvested with an atlatl in Missouri a couple weeks ago and to send a congratulations to a skilled hunter.
I would say lucky, but to kill with an atlatl takes practice and skill.
I haven’t got to talk to the hunter, so I am including this article from MDC website.

Missouri Department of Conservation
CONGRATULATIONS to Paul Gragg on harvesting this monster buck with an atlatl last Saturday! Paul got the 15 pointer from a tree stand in St. Charles County at about 3:30 in the afternoon.
This was the first year he has hunted with the atlatl and it was the first time he threw at a deer! Atlatls are an allowed method during archery deer season.
For detailed info on Missouri deer hunting, go HERE.

Paul Gragg  (MDC photo)

Paul Gragg (MDC photo)

For information on Arkansas deer hunting seasons, go HERE

High School Football Playoffs
The second thing I would like to mention for the fall outdoors is the High School Football playoffs.
Here in our area we have the oldest high school athletic conference in the state; the South Central Athletic coferene (SCA) turned 100 this year. Traditionally it’s one of the most competitive. With only eight teams, we ended the regular season with three top 10 state ranked teams, one in each of the 3 classes that compete in the SCA. All three could have been conference champs (if they weren’t in the same conference), and all three have now won the district championships in their respective class.
I would like to send special congratulations out to the players and fans of the Liberty Eagles, Thayer Bobcats and the Mountain Grove Panthers.
Now guys, the only thing better than the SCA owning three district crowns for their 100th birthday would be three state crowns.

Remember we are collecting CWD specimens this year on deer for Missouri deer hunters (these are free for the hunters) at Kosh Trading Post, 206 Bingham, Koshkonong, Mo. Phone (cell) 417-280-6304. Look us up on Facebook or on the web at koshtradingpost.angelfire.com.
Good luck with the rifle season.

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