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France flag 1BCharlie Hebdo mocks ISIS barbarians with magazine cover
Paris, France — The civilized face of France that ISIS will never comprehend has answered back with a Charlie Hebdo magazine cover mocking the barbarians as only the French can.
The cover, produced by the magazine that was itself the target of barbarian guns last year, looks like this. If you can read French, so much the better.
Basically, it says: “You have guns, we have champagne — Screw you!”charlie hebdo 2

Russia joins France in ISIS bombing campaign — Putin will hunt down terrorists

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Paris, France — In retaliation to the ISIS attacks Friday, French air strikes against ISIS Syrian strongholds are under way.

The Russians yesterday and today have launched Cruise missiles and long range bombers and say they are joining with the French in retaliation for the terrorist attack on the Russian airliner that was brought down over Egypt.

Vladimir Putin told the world, “We will search for them everywhere. No matter where they are hiding, we will find them on any place on the planet and will punish them.”

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