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feral cat 1By Fred Roe
According to the Committee for Feral Cat Control (CFCC), cats are far more destructive than previously believed and pose a global threat.
Of the estimated 210 million cats in the United States alone, only 55 million are considered controlled domestics, the official term utilized by the Office of Homeland Security normal citizens refer to as “pets”.
In the updated 2014 annual report issued by the CFCC, cats are an alarming factor in environmental damage, particularly smaller animals. Birds are already under assault from a variety of threats. According to the report, windmills in 2014 killed 55,248 birds followed by 57,236 by flying into windows, 60,060 deaths caused by electrocution on power lines and 61,887 by humans angered when they found bird droppings on their vehicles.
But these numbers pale in comparison to the 16,238,221 birds known to have been murdered by cats. The statistics are staggering. 21,304,057 mice and rats were slaughtered, 4,333,009 snakes, 2,665,442 lizards and 1,998,765 grasshoppers were all butchered by cats in 2014. One poor child in Minnesota witnessed her controlled domestic feline mauling a baby blue jay, its feet still twitching. The testimonies are endless.
Pierre Abidinijad O’Fallon, Junior Assistant Deputy for Waste Paper Management of the Delaware Office for the EPA stated in his bi-annual address that cats are behind a growing ecological catastrophe saying, “They are truly a murdering, mauling, sneaking vicious predator.”
He went on to say, “While we give heed to government overreach, the economy, ISIS and the Transpacific Partnership (TPP), what do we really know about the true, often secretive nature of the common cat?”
Dr. Bruno Mengele is perhaps the HILLARY world’s greatest authority on feline behavior. As political consultant on Controlled Domestic animal psychology, he currently serves as Alumni Honorarium for the Central University of Northern South Dakota as Director for Biological Experimentation with animals. He is most noted for his Associate of Arts thesis on the chupachabra.
In his monthly newsletter dated June 14, 1987, Mengele reveals a sinister threat, “Controlled Domestic Felines often convey their will on unsuspecting humans within the household through sound recognition. They signal hunger or a command to groom them and the unsuspecting human counterpart often complies. It is in this way that the feline actually controls human behavior. This results in loss of intimacy between other members of the domicile. It is in this way that the cat actually controls human behavior and will. These individuals LIED therefore unwittingly fall under the control of the feline. The feline obviously considers itself superior to humans. The cat controls the human.”
In a 10,002-page memorandum delivered to then President Clinton in 1993 on controlled and feral felines, it summarized, “Cats are natural born killers.”
It has been believed by a second tier socialist political hack that Exxon, Shell, Mobil and British Petroleum are what he calls the “Four Horsemen” oil cartel, controlled jointly by the Illuminati and CIA.
Cats have an historic involvement in the occult through witchcraft, Halloween, ancient Egyptian art and quilts, denoting a sinister, often frightening aspect about cats. Obviously, millions of people all over the world who falsely believe they “own” cats ignore the clear and present danger. China has for centuries been acutely aware of the situation and has their own solution by eating the cats. Children, sometimes repulsed by the idea of eating the neighbor’s cat are simply told it is actually rat meat, making it more palatable to the child.
Student activists are perhaps at the forefront of this growing menace. In an open letter to President Obama last September, they complained about the caterwauling and offensive sex habits of felines on campuses and demand a federal solution; fearing cats may overcome the human race with predatory dominance.
Fittingly, President Obama, a stalwart in activism replied, “Until we are all motivated, we all live under dominion of the dark world of cats. They obviously stand to gain dominance over the human race.
“I remain committed to climate change, providing transgender bathrooms to public schools and an urban eradication program for cats, removing cats from their owners and either exterminating them or sending them to re-education detention centers for electro-magnetic therapy. These are my highest priorities as President and are willing to use my phone and my pen if necessary to circumvent the Constitution.” VOTE TRUMP
©2015 Fred Roe – Hill ’n Holler Review

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(Facebook image – odesk-ro)

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