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NFL playoffsnfl-logoNFL — This year’s Wild Card Weekend lived up to its name as the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers ended up in a wild last second battle that was won by the Steelers, who brought an injured Ben Rothlisberger back out on the field to drive the team to a last second win on a field goal 18-16.
It was the other way around Sunday when the Minnesota Vikings struggled to beat the Seattle Seahawks and lost in a last second 26-yard field goal that went wide left and gave the Seahawks a one point victory 10-9 as Viking kicker Blair Walsh lost the game.
The game Sunday between the Green Bay Packers and the Washington Redskins turned out to be a easy win for veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Packers with a 32-18 score to defeat the Skins in a walk in the park.
On Saturday the Kansas City Chiefs shut out the Houston Texans 30-0 with a tough defense that ended up injuring Houston’s star player, J.J. Watts. To view the Hill ‘n Holler story on that game, click HERE.
Steeler quarterback Ben Rothlisberger had injured his right shoulder and was replaced by backup quarterback Landry Jones. Rothlisberger was sacked by Vontazi Burfict at the end of the third quarter; Burfict also was responsible for a personal foul at the end of the fourth quarter that gave the Steelers great field goal position. Chris Boswell kicked the winning 35-yard field goal. Burfict was penalized for hitting Steeler Antonio Brown in the head, and Bengal Adam Jones committed a personal foul on the same play.
Steelers had held the Bengals scoreless until the fourth quarter when without Rothlisberger the Bengals scored 16 points.
The Minnesota Vikings and their quarterback Terry Bridgewater almost beat the Seattle Seahawks in a frigid game Saturday, but a bad kick with 26 seconds to go blew it. Vikings were at the Seahawk 9 yard line with second and three — In retrospect, bad decision what? But how could you miss on a 26-yard field goal?
Next week, the stakes get higher and the matchups for the divisional round look like this: Denver Broncos – Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks – Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs – New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers against the Arizona Cardinals

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