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Diabetes Just AheadCDC logo 2New York, N.Y. — The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Ad Council here have joined forces to make a dent in pre-diabetes that affects 86 million Americans.
A new ad campaign has been released to target the people who are not aware they have the pre-existing condition.
With more than one in three Americans developing the pre-existing condition, and since it can lead to Type 2 Diabetes its health threats this campaign has been developed to raise awareness and reach those at risk.
Tag line for the campaign is “No One Is Excused from Pre-Diabetes.” Innovative additions to this campaign are that you can take the Pre-Diabetic risk test on line; you can text the test, and it will text you back. You can take the test at DoIHavePreDiabetes.org. The good news is that pre-diabetes can often be reversed by weight loss, diet and lifestyle changes, and increased physical activity.
Interactive ads will also be run on TV and radio.Prediabetes chart

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