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Apple battles FBI order to unlock iPhone in federal court
iPhone 2New York, N.Y. — Technology giant Apple is fighting the federal Government in federal court refusing to provide software to unlock iPhones as requested by the FBI in the San Bernadino, Calif., shooting case. The FBI is trying to get around the security hardware and unlock a phone held by one of the San Bernadino terrorists.
Attorneys for the iPhone developer say what the government is asking for is a violation of the U.S. Constitution and is a misinterpretation of a 227-year-old law. They say the government is trying to violate the protection of Free Speech. Apple also cites the 5th Amendment.
They note that the consequences of complying with the FBI order would affect the basic privacy and security interests of millions of people on a global level. Government counsel did admit that the action could set a precedent.
The government accused Apple of putting marketing over national security.

Gunman, 3 others dead after workplace shootings in Kansas
Harvey County Sheriff 1Hesston, Kan. — Three people were killed and 14 wounded in a shooting at a local workplace and two other locations late Thursday afternoon. The shooter had been an employee at Excel Industries. said Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton in a press conference Thursday.
Without being specific as to motive, the sheriff said, “There were some things that triggered this particular individual,” and the attack was “not terrorism.”

Cedric L. Ford (Facebook photo)

Cedric L. Ford (Facebook photo)

The gunman, identified as 38-year-old Newton resident Cedric Larry Ford, fired from his car and shot people at two nearby locations before unleashing a hail of bullets in the factory, hitting 15 people, and killing three of them.

About 150 people were in or near the plant at the time of the shooting.

Ford was later shot to death by one police officer in a gun battle. The gunman was killed 26 minutes after the first shooting was reported.

Five of the 14 wounded are in critical condition, the sheriff said.

Excel Industries, founded in Hesston in 1960, manufactures Hustler and Big Dog mowing equipment. Hesston is a community of about 3,700 residents some 35 miles north of Wichita. Excel is the town’s largest employer.

Thayer/Mammoth Spring Rotary Club President Steve Russell, right, presents a check to Thayer High School Principal Marc Pitts. (Photo Provided)

Thayer/Mammoth Spring Rotary Club President Steve Russell, right, presents a check to Thayer High School Principal Marc Pitts. (Photo Provided)

Rotary Club donates $8,000 to Thayer High School
Thayer, Mo.—The Thayer/Mammoth Spring Rotary Club has announced the donation of approximately $8,000 to the Thayer School District.
The local club each year runs the concession stand at school sporting events and funds raised are donated back to the school. The money is used to fund various projects and programs at the school.

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