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Super Tuesday 2Vote 2PU.S.A. — Super Tuesday voters in Arkansas, Texas and Vermont went for their favorite son candidates in the Presidential candidate primaries. Arkansas as expected went to Hillary Clinton, Texas went to Ted Cruz, and Bernie Sanders picked up Vermont. Clinton came out of the South with a fist full of delegates picking up Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.
Her challenger, Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders failed to carry any Southern State. Sanders won Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Vermont. Clinton won Massachusetts by a small margin 50 to 49 percent, compared to her other victories which ran above 60 per cent.
On Super Tuesday Clinton pulled a total of 504 delegates (59.7 percent) to Sanders’s 340 delegates (40.3 percent). With previous elections and “superdelegates,” Clinton has 1,052 delegates, and Sanders has 427. In future months, no more superdelegates will be added, although their allegiance could change.
Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump took home most of the delegates Tuesday. He won Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia.
That left Alaska Oklahoma and Texas for Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio took Minnesota.
On Super Tuesday Trump gained 237 delegates, while Cruz gained 209. Rubio pulled 94, John Kasich received 21, and Ben Carson had three.
To date Trump has 319 delegates, Cruz has 236, Rubio 110, Kasich 25, and Carson eight.
The magic figure to win nomination for Democrats is 2,383 and for Republicans 1,237.
Soon to be held primaries are scheduled in Louisiana March 5, and Michigan, Mississippi and Idaho (R) March 8.
Caucuses are scheduled in Kansas, Kentucky (R), and Nebraska March 5, Maine March 5 & 6, Puerto Rico (R) March 6, Hawaii (R) March 8, and District of Columbia (R) March 12.
March 15 is the next “big day” on the election calendar, with primaries in Missouri, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Ohio. At stake are 792 Democratic delegates and 358 Republican delegates. Florida and Ohio are “Winner Take All” (WTA) states, with Missouri having a modified WTA policy.

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