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Election 2016 - arkansas 1Vote 2PArkansas — With all 75 counties reporting, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, former Arkansas First Lady, won easily with 145,713 votes (66.11 percent), while Bernie Sanders pulled 65,997 (29.94 percent), according to the Arkansas Secretary of State.
In Pulaski County, which includes Little Rock and the Clinton Library, Airport and campaign headquarters, Hillary ran ahead of Sanders 77.34 percent to 2l.97 percent. In Washington County, the home of Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas, the Democratic race was closer with Clinton pulling 56.26 percent of the vote and Sanders with 43.27 percent.
In the Republican contest, Donald Trump led with 134,403 votes (32.8 percent), followed by Ted Cruz with 125,007 votes (30.5 percent), Marco Rubio 101,007 (24.8 percent), Ben Carson 23,461 (5.72 percent), John Kasich 15,252 (3.72 percent), and Mike Huckabee 4,775 (1.17 percent), according to the Secretary of State.
In Pulaski County, Rubio ran 34.94 per cent to Trump’s 27.28. In Washington County Rubio was only ahead of Trump by 105 votes or 31.99 per cent to Trump’s 30.41.
Republican U.S. Sen. John Boozman easily beat back a challenge from Curtis Coleman with 297,186 votes (76.44 percent) to Coleman’s 91,594 votes (23.56 percent).
In the 2nd Congressional District, which includes Little Rock and seven central Arkansas counties, Republican Cong. French Hill received 86,365 votes (84.54 percent) to challenger Brock Olree’s 15,788 votes (15.46 percent).
In Craighead County, which includes Jonesboro and Arkansas State University, on the Republican side Cruz received 4,108 votes, Trump 3,429, Rubio 3,142, Ben Carson 851 and Mike Huckabee 126.
On the Democratic side, in Craighead County, Clinton received 3,543 votes and Sanders received 1,862 votes.
With 96 percent of the vote in, it was a neck and neck race to become Republican candidate for Craighead County Judge. Jeff Presley had 5,447 votes while Garry Meadows had 5,408 votes. Update: By late Wednesday afternoon unofficial returns showed Presley receiving 5,553 votes and Meadows receiving 5,529 votes. Presley was declared the winner. He will face incumbent Democrat Ed Hill in the general election. Presley has been the 911 communications director for Craighead County. Meadows is a Justice of the Peace, former Jonesboro Streets Superintendent and head of a site preparations company.
In Baxter County, which includes Mountain Home, Clinton received 1,391 votes (62.38 percent), while Bernie received 807 votes (36.19 percent).
On the Republican side, in Baxter County, Trump received 3,798 votes (43.84 percent), Cruz received 2,480 votes (28.63 percent), Rubio 1,374 (15.86 percent), Carson 452 (5.22 percent), and Kasich 376 votes (4.34 percent).
Voting in counties up along the Arkansas/Missouri State line the voting reflected generally what was going on in the rest of the state.
With all precincts in except for a few provisional votes, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won 662 votes over Bernie Sanders 355 or 62 percent to his 33 percent of the vote in Randolph County.
Looking at the Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump tallied 735 votes or 37.0 per cent to Ted Cruz’s 655 votes or 32.98 per cent of the vote, and Marco Rubio drew 380 votes or 19.3 per cent of the vote in Randolph County.
Locally in Randolph County running for Justice of the Peace as Republicans Sara Dunlap beat out Gerald Walker.amd Rockey Starnes Dunlap drew 115 votes to Walker’s 42 and Starnes’ 61. Also on the GOP tickets for constable Ward 1Brian Tilghman drew 91 votes to Willard Hogue Sr. 62 votes. On the Democratic ticket for Constable, Jane’s Creek, Tom Dildine drew 52 votes to John Cochran’s 20 votes
In Fulton County final returns Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took 701 votes or 55.47 per cent to Bernie Sanders’473 votes or 37.39 per cent. Looking at the Republican Presidential candidates, Donald Trump won 651 votes or 47.04 per cent of the vote. Ted Cruz trailed with 385 votes or or 27.82 per cent and Marco Rubio ran third with 181 votes or 13.68 per cent. GOP U.S. Sen. John Boozman won 931 votes or 73.19 per cent of the vote. His opponent Curtis Coleman took 26.81 per cent of the vote in Fulton County.
In Fulton County local races, Seth Jones won for county treasurer 815 to Boyd Dailey 605. For county coroner, Steven C. Barker tallied 818 votes to Melissa James 577.
In Izard County, which includes Melbourne and Ozarka College, on the Republican side, Trump received 873 votes, Cruz 628, Rubio 349, Ben Carson 139 and Mike Huckabee 16.
On the Democratic side, in Izard County, Hillary Clinton received 516 votes, and Bernie Sanders received 239 votes.
In Sharp County, Clinton reived 608 votes (64.2 percent), while Bernie received 294 votes (31.1 votes).
On the Republican side, in Sharp County, Trump received 1,241 votes (41.9 percent, Cruz received 722 votes (24.4 percent), Rubio 579 (19.5 percent), Carson 235 7.9 percent), Kasich 90 (3.0 percent), and Huckabee 50 (1.7 percent)
C.L. & Hill ‘n Holler staff

Voting Tuesday at Dalton Fire Station in Randolph County  (Hill 'n Holler staff photo)

Voting Tuesday at Dalton Fire Station in Randolph County (Hill ‘n Holler staff photo)

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