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Bernie Sanders addresses the crowd. (BernieSanders.com photo)

Bernie Sanders addresses the crowd. (BernieSanders.com photo)

Springfield, Mo. — Bernie Sanders, Democratic presidential candidate, stood up in the JQ Hammons (JQH) Arena here on the Missouri State University (MSU) campus Saturday night to a crowd of 4,800 supporters and ran through his platform to produce economic change and growth in this country.
Criticizing the disastrous trade policies initiated by the Clinton administration, he hit the Hillary half of the Clinton dynasty again on her stance on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). “Well I have a message for Secretary Clinton: We don’t need to tinker with this agreement. We need to defeat it.” He said TPP, which Hillary lauded as the “gold standard” when she was Secretary of State, would cost America a half million jobs. “We need an entirely new trade policy that creates jobs in this country, not more low wage jobs abroad.” Missouri towns like West Plains have lost manufacturing plants to other countries where there are lower costs and wages.
He continued his attack on the “rigged economy” that gives almost all of the new wealth to the one per cent and the working people work longer and longer hours.
Sanders has proposed investing major funds back into America along the lines of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal that put Americans back to work rebuilding America
He brought out again his proposal for free public college educations paid for by taxing Wall Street’s speculation business.
He repeated his platform pledge to introduce campaign finance reform to get corporations out of politics and restore democracy. He has promised to fix the student loan situation and supports universal health care similar to Medicare.
Sanders is seeking to pick up a primary win in what is a Bright Red State on Tuesday, March 15. St. Louis is expected to go to Clinton, but if Sanders can pick up Springfield and rural Missouri, he might have a chance.
Sanders Saturday said that if there is a large turnout, he will win.
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders for President

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