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MO primary boxVote 2PMissouri — With 100 percent of the Missouri vote in, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton narrowly defeated Bernie Sanders. Clinton received 310,602 votes, or 49.6 per cent, to 309,071 votes or 49.4 per cent for Sanders. Republican opponents Donald Trump and Ted Cruz battled it out, and Trump won with 381,720 or 40.8 percent to 380,084 or 40.7 percent for Cruz. John Kasich received 94,430 votes, 10.1 percent, and Rubio got 56,942 votes, or 6.1 percent.
According to the Associated Press, under Missouri law, candidates can request a recount if they lose by less than one-half of a percentage point. Both races fall within that margin.
Sanders campaign staff Wednesday acknowledged that such a request is being considered but said no decision has been reached. The staff is “assessing right now how the process works.”
In Illinois Trump was declared the winner with 38.9 per cent of the vote compared to Ted Cruz at 30.5 percent, John Kasich 19.7, and Marco Rubio 8.5 percent. This is with 98 per cent of the vote in. Trump gets all 24 of the state’s Republican delegates.
In the Illinois Democratic race, Clinton received 980,481 votes, or 50.3 percent, and Sanders got 952,228 votes, or 48.9 percent. Clinton gains 66 delegates in Illinois while Sanders gets 64 delegates.
Otherwise, Clinton won in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. Trump won in Florida and North Carolina, but lost to Gov. Kasich in Ohio.
In Missouri Sanders won big in Greene County with 96.25 percent of the vote in. Sanders pulled 17,403 votes or 61.10 per cent to Clinton’s 10,910 or 38.30 per cent.
On the GOP side in Greene County Ted Cruz pulled 51.69 percent to Trump’s 32.13 percent. That translates to 26,784 votes for Cruz and 16,649 for Trump.
In Howell County, Mo., with 21 of 21 precincts reporting, Sanders pulled 1,209 to Clinton’s 833.
Donald Trump beat Cruz 4,230 to 3,146. Kasich, drew 491, and Rubio took 351 votes in Howell County. Ben Carson, who has dropped out of the running and endorsed Trump, drew 105 votes. To view the complete Howell County results, click HERE.
In Oregon County, the voting went like this with all 10 precincts reporting. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump drew 941 votes or 51.73 per cent of the vote, and Cruz drew 687 votes or 31.77 per cent of the vote; John Kasich got 84 votes or 4.62 per cent, and Rubio drew 59 votes or 3.24 percent of the vote.
On the Democratic side in Oregon County, Hillary Clinton drew 319 or 52.99 per cent of the vote to Sander’s 271 or 45.02 per cent of the vote. To view the complete Oregon County totals, click HERE.
In Ozark County, with 2,709 out of 7,100 registered voters, or 38.15 percent voting, Sanders drew 293 votes, or 57.78 percent, to 217 votes, or 42.05 percent for Clinton. On the Republican side Trump won with 1,099 or 50.21 percent.
In the City of St. Louis, with 62,640 Democratic votes cast, Clinton took 55.01 percent while Sanders got 44.30 percent. In St. Louis County, with 161,618 Democratic votes cast, Clinton took 55.30 percent while Sanders got 44.01 percent.
In Kansas City, Mo., with 50,739 Democratic votes cast, Clinton received 56.28 percent while Sanders got 43.18 percent.
For other county results from Missouri, go HERE on the Missouri Secretary of State web site.
Delegate counts were not available yet for Missouri.

Florida, North Carolina and Ohio
In Florida, Trump received 45.8 percent of the vote and will receive all 99 Florida Republican delegates. Florida’s U.S. Sen Marco Rubio got 27.0 percent and subsequently said he was withdrawing from the presidential race. Cruz got 17.1 percent, and Kasich got 6.8 percent.
On the Democratic side in Florida Clinton won 64.5 percent and 59 delegates, while Sanders received 40.8 percent and will have 42 delegates.
In North Carolina Clinton received 54.6 percent and will get 59 delegates, while Sanders got 40.8 percent and 42 delegates.
On the Republican side Trump got 40.2 percent and 29 delegates, Cruz 36.8 percent and 26 delegates, Kasich 12.7 percent and 9 delegates, and Rubio 7.7 percent and 5 delegates.
In Ohio Gov. Kasich received 46.8 percent and will have all 66 Ohio Republican delegates. Trump received 35.7 percent, Cruz got 13.1 percent, and Rubio got 2.9 percent.
On the Democratic side, Clinton pulled 56.5 percent and gets 75 delegates, while Sanders got 42.7 percent to have 54 delegates.

Arizona and Utah have primaries and Idaho has a Democratic caucus March 22.
Washington state, with 118 Democratic delegates, along with Alaska and Hawaii will caucus March 26.
New York, with 291 Democratic delegates, has a primary April 19.
Pennsylvania, with 210 Democratic delegates, has a primary April 26.
California, with 546 Democratic delegates, has its primary June 7.
The final Republican primary is June 7, while the final Democratic primary is June 14.
Hill ’n Holler staff reporters

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