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Bernie Sanders addresses a rally  (Thunderclap photo)

Bernie Sanders addresses a rally (Thunderclap photo)

Seattle, Wash. — Bernie Sanders went to a rally here Sunday and drew a crowd of 20,000 supporters at the KeyArena who stood in the rain to get in to see the Democratic presidential candidate who decries and promises to put an end to the freewheeling oligarchy that is destroying our democracy.
Major media have been obviously loath to report the Washington figures. Some break the attendance into several parts saying well only 17,000 got in, and oh yes another 5,500 and 1,500 outside but they went home. Oh, there was only 10,000 altogether.
But figures of 20,000 to 30,000 were all over Facebook on Sunday night. Hard to keep a good story down anymore, hey guys.
He also rallied at Vancouver and Spokane Sunday.
Sanders has had little to say about his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton but has been blasting GOP front runner Donald Trump for the bombastic racist and anti-minority stances he has been promoting.
Washington state with 101 delegates will hold a Democratic caucus Saturday, March 26. Democrats in Alaska with 20 delegates and Hawaii with 34 delegates also will caucus March 26.
Sanders at this time is looking at the primary Tuesday, March 22, in Arizona with 85 delegates to be selected and March 22 caucuses in Idaho with 27 delegates and Utah with 37 delegates. Republicans in Arizona will hold a “Winner Take All” 58 delegates primary that day, and 40 Republican delegates will be elected in Utah.
Sanders also is looking particularly at the possibilities in such important states as Wisconsin – 96 delegates on April 5, New York – 291 delegates on April 29, and California – 546 delegates on June 7. In California 172 Republican delegates will be chosen, with 95 to be chosen in New York. Wisconsin is a “Winner Take All” state for 42 Republican delegates.
Pennsylvania, with 210 Democratic delegates and 71 Republican delegates, has a primary April 26. Maryland will pick 118 Democratic delegates and 38 Republicans then. Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware also have primaries on that date.
Besides California, four other states — New Jersey with 142 Democratic delegates along with Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota — will have primaries June 7. North Dakota will caucus on that date. For Republicans, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota are “Winner Take All” contests.
The final Democratic primary, the District of Columbia with 46 delegates, will be June 14.
Some Republican contests are “Winner Take All.” Delegates for all Democratic races are awarded proportionally, with the exact formula varying in some cases.
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The crowd outside in Seattle. (Twitter photo)

The crowd outside in Seattle. (Twitter photo)

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