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primary and caucus election boxWestern States, U.S.A. — The state of Arizona was the first to report their primary Presidential election totals Tuesday night, March 22. With 1 per cent of the vote in they called the election for Donald Trump on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side.
Looking at the primary there at 3 a.m. with 91 per cent of the vote reported, Hillary Clinton was holding at 57.9 per cent of the vote or 230,566 votes to Bernie Sanders 39.6 per cent of the vote or 157,732 votes. As the declared winner Clinton took 41 delegates to Sander’s 22.
Trump took all 58 delegates in the “winner takes all” state, Arizona, with 46.9 per cent or 233,839 votes to Ted Cruz 24.1 per cent or 120,063 votes. Candidate John Kasich won 9.9 percent or 50,108 votes.
Looking at the Idaho caucus that reported in 100 per cent of the votes at 10:30 CST, Ted Cruz was declared the winner with 45.4 per cent of the vote or 100,942 votes to Trump’s 28.1 per cent or 62,478. Cruz won 20 delegates to Trump’s 12 delegates. Marco Rubio, who has pulled out of the race, drew 15.9 percent or 35,347 votes, and Kasich took 7.4 per cent or 15,517 votes. Neither Rubio nor Kasich won any delegates.
Later, on the Democratic side in Idaho with 100 percent reporting, Bernie Sanders won with 18,640 votes or 78.0 percent and Hillary pulled 5,065 votes or 21.2 percent. Sanders gained 17 delegates while Hillary got 5 delegates.
In the Utah Democratic caucus, Bernie Sanders has been declared the winner with 15 per cent of the vote reporting. Sanders was carrying 74.1 per cent of the vote or 8,570 votes to Clinton’s 25.1 per cent of the vote with 2,898 votes. Sanders has won 18 delegates to Clinton’s 5.
In the Republican Utah caucus with 47 percent of the vote reporting Cruz was declared the winner with 69.0 percent of the vote or 81,077 votes. Kasich was running second with 16.6 percent of the vote or 19,355 votes, and Trump is trailing with 14.0 per cent of the vote or 16,363 votes. It was “Winner Take All” for Cruz, who gained 40 delegates.
Overall, Sanders gained 57 delegates to Hillary’s 51 delegates. Trump gained 70 delegates overall while Cruz gained 60 overall.
On Monday it was announced that Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democrats Abroad primary, with voting March 1-8 in more than 170 countries. Sanders received 23,779 votes or 69 percent to 10,689 or 31 percent for Clinton. Sanders earned 9 delegates while Clinton got 4 delegates. Clinton won only in the Dominican Republic, Singapore and Nigeria.
Republicans do not have a similar program.
Next up are Democratic caucuses Saturday, March 26, in Washington state, Alaska and Hawaii. With 118 delegates to gain, Sanders is expected to win in Washington state.
Next contest for Republicans is the primary election for both parties in Wisconsin April 5. That state is “Winner Take All” for Republicans with 42 delegates to gain.
Hill ’n Holler staff

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