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US CapitolWashington, D.C. — At 3:05 p.m. EDT today, Monday, the White House was locked down following shots being fired in the Capitol and the apprehension of a shooter.
A suspect went through the metal detector at the underground Capitol Visitor Center, an alarm went off and he pulled out a gun, according to NBC. The gun later was determined to be a pellet gun.
A Capitol Police officer shot the suspect who was then transported to a MedStar Washington Hospital Center, sources told ABC News. Reportedly he was to have surgery, but his condition was not immediately reported. Later, Monday night, he was reported to be in critical but stable condition.
The entire Capitol complex was under a lockdown. The lockdown was lifted about an hour later. The Visitor Center remained closed but will reopen Tuesday.
“There has been an isolated incident at the U.S. Capitol,” the D.C. Police Department tweeted. “There is no active threat to the public.”
The White House was on lockdown for about half an hour, preventing families from leaving or entering the Easter Egg Roll then in progress. The White House was also placed on lockdown at the same time due to a separate event when a man was apprehended after reportedly trying to jump the fence outside the White House. CNN confirmed the events were not related.
Initially ABC reported that the Capitol Police officer was shot, but NBC News then confirmed that was not the case. Another police officer was injured and a bystander was injured, but not by gunfire, congressional sources said.
Both the House and the Senate are in recess this week, but numerous tourists were present at the Visitor Center and many staff were still working at the Capitol.

Larry Dawson

Larry Dawson

The shooter has been identified by multiple sources as Larry R. Dawson, 66, of Antioch, Tennessee. Capitol Police would not confirm or deny it was Dawson, 66, at a press conference but said he was previously known to them.
Dawson apparently interrupted a House session last fall yelling from the balcony that he was the “prophet of God,” the Daily Beast reported. Two charges were filed against Dawson Oct. 23, 2015, for assaulting a police officer and unlawful conduct on Capitol grounds, the D.C. Court records online show.
Dawson is pastor at St. Luke’s Community Church in Nashville.
He previously has been a school bus driver and a funeral director.
The last major shooting at the U.S. Capitol occurred in July 1998 when Russell Eugene Weston Jr. killed Detective John Gibson and Officer Jacob Chestnut of the Capitol police. Weston was never tried in court and remains in a mental institution where he’s being treated for paranoid schizophrenia. Construction of the Visitor Center began and the metal detectors that caught the suspect in the March 28 incident were installed after the July 1998 shooting.

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