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UPDATE: Spokesman for Bernie Sanders Campaign today(Sunday, April 3) said the Senator has accepted an invitation from NBC News for a Sunday April 10 Prime Time debate. The Clinton camp has not responded.Sanders has four dates available. March 10, 11, 12 or 13. Sanders spokesman said the Clinton campaign had suggested a date that Sanders has already locked up for a NYC park rally.

Clark County, Nevada — After apparently losing the State of Nevada to Hillary Clinton in the February caucuses, Bernie Sanders overturned her win Saturday at the Clark County Democratic Convention where he won the state by winning the majority of remaining delegates to the State Democratic Convention May 14.
Early Saturday night Democratic Presidential candidate Sanders was announced the winner with 2,964 delegates to Clinton’s 2,386.
This means that Sanders will send 1,613 delegates to the State Convention to Clinton’s 1,298.
What apparently happened was that all of the 9,000 delegates elected in February did not show up at the convention. In fact, 3,825 showed up together with 915 elected alternates and 604 unelected alternates.
“We pretty much won Nevada,” said Sanders’ state director, Joan Kato, smiling as the results were announced.
So, Bernie Sanders has added another victory to his recent string of victories going into the Wisconsin Primary on Tuesday.
Clark County is Nevada’s most populous county.
The other most populous county, Washoe County, ended with 1050 delegates for Sanders and 833 for Clinton. It is unclear at this time exactly how many more delegates Bernie Sanders has picked up, as the final results will not be decided until the state convention.
Meanwhile, Sanders Saturday drew a record attendance at Zorn Arena on the campus of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; over 3,400 were in the arena, with an additional 900 in an overflow room.
Both Sanders and Clinton met with 1,500 Wisconsin Democratic activists, officials and donors in a hotel ballroom Saturday. Earlier Hillary attracted about 850 to a rally in Eau Claire.
Sanders is expected win by a relatively small margin.
While Clinton, former U.S. senator from New York, currently holds a large edge in New York before that state’s April 19 primary, supporters of Sanders, born and raised in Brooklyn, claim he is gaining. Sanders drew 18,500 to a rally Thursday in St. Mary’s Park in the South Bronx. Earlier that day Clinton spoke to a reported 500 people at the State University of New York at Purchase. Both sides are haggling over the date for a debate before the primary.Sunday, Sanders campaign office announced that he has accepted a Sunday April 10 invitation to debate Prime Time from NBC News. The ball is now in Clinton’s court.
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Bernie Sanders at a rally in the Bronx Thursday. (BernieSanders.com photo)

Bernie Sanders at a rally in the Bronx Thursday. (BernieSanders.com photo)

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