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Jackson, Mo., man fatally shot in incident with Missouri State Trooper off U.S. Hwy. 177 near Fruitland; funeral May 3
Missouri State Highway Patrol logoFruitland, Mo. — A 48-year-old Jackson, Mo., man was killed Friday in a officer shooting incident off U.S. Highway 177 and a private drive. Shot was Jeffrey Darrell Hobbs.
The Missouri State Division of Drug and Crime Control is currently conducting an investigation into the incident. Missouri State Police Public Information Officer Clark Parrott said the shooting occurred Friday at about 6:25 p.m.

Jeff Hobbs

Jeff Hobbs

The officer had reported that the car was swerving and the driver acting suspiciously, so he attempted to handcuff him. When he did so, he said, the driver started to fight and struck the trooper several times with the free handcuff. He was accused of then dragging the trooper back to the car, starting it and dragging the trooper along side.

The trooper managed to shut off the car, but the driver restarted it.

The trooper said he warned him he would shoot him if he didn’t shut off the car. He did not. The trooper fired two rounds into him, fatally wounding the driver.
To view the obituary for Jeffrey D. Hobbs, click HERE. Funeral will be 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 3, in Cape Girardeau.

40-year-old Pocahontas man sentenced to 36 months prison for whipping minor child with a belt

Jeromy Geelhoed

Jeromy Geelhoed

Pocahontas, Ark. — A 40-year-old Pocahontas man was found guilty Thursday and sentenced to 36 months in Arkansas State prison on a charge of second degree domestic battering. He was accused of whipping a minor child with a belt.

Third District Prosecuting Attorney Henry Boyce said Jeromy Allyn Geelhoed was found guilty after a two-day trial by a jury made up of six men and six women. The jury took two hours to reach a verdict.

A minor child testified in the case against Geelhoed.

Working on the case were Boyce and Deputy Prosecuting attorneys Ryan Cooper and Ryan Wallace.

Commonsense Property Rights Coalition meeting Monday, May 2

Peter Kinder

Peter Kinder

Mammoth Spring, Ark. — A Monday night meeting of the Commonsense Property Rights Coalition will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, May 2, here at Fred’s Fish House.

On the agenda is an appearance by campaign director for Peter Kinder, who is a Republican running for governor. He will discuss Kinder’s stance on property rights, second amendment rights, constitutional rights and other issues.

Also on the agenda will be appearance by Kevin Jotz, a candidate for Oregon County sheriff.

For more info, call (417) 264-2435.

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