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automation 1Wendys logo 1New York, N.Y. — Prospects of a $15 minimum wage hike has Wendy’s fast food out there rattling automation and kiosks and fewer jobs — anything they can around to keep their bottom line consistent and ward off any change.
Wendy’s CFO Todd Penegor said his company will be looking at technology such as kiosks, customer self order stations or more automation in the back of the house — actual restaurant robotics. Penegor said “You’ll see a lot more from us on that front.”
Asked whether or not their franchisees will raise prices to offset wage hikes in New York where a $15 per hour wage hike has been approved by the State, Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick said their people will likely look at the opportunity to reduce overall staff, and reduce hours —not just raise the price.
Legislation eventually increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour has been approved in both New York and California.
Wages will go up the fastest in New York City: to $11 by the end of 2016, $13 by the end of 2017 and $15 by the end of 2018, for locations with 11 or more employees. The increases would be slower elsewhere in the state and for NYC locations with fewer than 11 employees.
In California the minimum would be $10.50 on Jan. 1 and $15 by 2022, for locations 26 or more employees, and later for smaller companies.

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