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March Against Montsanto 2Ozark, Mo. — The annual March Against Monsanto in the Ozarks will be held starting at 11 a.m. Saturday. May 21, at Finley River Park here in Ozark.
The event is part of a national protest march against the company’s sale of dangerous pesticides and chemicals such as Roundup and others.
Military veterans, organic farmers, food freedom activists and others will join together Saturday in a national day to bring attention to Monsanto.
One scheduled speaker, Mike Slack of Thayer, Mo., said “We have a large number of military veterans attending who have suffered cancer and other diseases caused by Agent Orange, a Monsanto product. We also hope to bring attention to the indiscriminate use of Lycophyte or Roundup, a herbicide banned in many other countries used throughout the U.S.” Slack went on to note that recent tests show connections between Roundup and the massive bee die off, the rise of autism, and several types of cancer and other diseases.
Slack said they will also discuss the use of genetically modified organisms in food without sufficient testing. They will also shine light on the efforts in Congress to pass the Dark Act, which would make labeling of GMO’s by state government illegal, a clear overextension of federal power, Slack said.
Other speakers will cover such topics as organic farming, holistic health, nutrition, bees, and brain tumors and their connections to Agent Orange.
Vendors and food vendors may set up free of charge.
Admission to the event is free.
For more information, call (417) 766-5640.
OR go to www.march-against-montsanto.com or www.facebook.com/MarchAgainstMonstanto.

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