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An EgyptAir plane of the type which crashed killing 66 people

An EgyptAir plane of the type which crashed killing 66 people

Egypt — Possible causes of the crash of EgyptAir Flight 804 continue to circulate as the search for the plane’s black boxes and its fuselage continue. A submarine is being used to find these crucial remains.
When the plane first went down, terrorism was high on the list, but as time has gone on and no claim to have caused the crash has been announced, mechanical error is being considered.
More attention is being paid to the automatic smoke alarms that were set off just before the plane disappeared.
Conflicting stories have arisen over the swerves and dives reported by Greek officials just before they lost radar contact with 804. It was reported that the plane left Greek air space at 2 hours and 29 minutes into the flight The swerve, 360 degree turn and steep plunge down from 37,000 ft is reported by Greek officials to have occurred at 2 hours and 37 minutes.
This, according to an aeronautic expert contacted by the Hill ’n Holler, could have been the pilot taking evasive action to put out an onboard fire, since smoke had been reported in what could have been the Airbus 320’s electrical grid. Automatic smoke alerts were recorded in a washroom, in the grid under the cockpit and in cockpit windows.
On Monday the BBC reported that Egyptian officials denied that the swerve, turn and drop reported by the Greek Ministry of Defense occurred.
A distress signal heard 10 hours after the crash has also been discounted.
So far small remains of Flight 804 have been recovered: A life jacket, a piece of carpet, a human remain, and a sling bag.
Officials hope to recover the plane’s black boxes to reveal causes of the tragedy. The flight left Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris 10 minutes late on May 18 for a 3½-hour flight and was lost about two hours and 39 minutes into the flight.
Flight 804 lost 56 passengers and 10 crew and security members when it disappeared into the Mediterranean Sea just off Alexandria.
Some of the information for this report taken from the BBC and Le Monde.
Debris recovered from Flight 804

Debris recovered from Flight 804

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