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No trial date set yet in case of Judge Wade Naramore, accused of negligent homicide in son’s death — gag order on case

Judge Wade Naramore

Judge Wade Naramore

Hot Springs, Ark. — No trial date was set today for Juvenile Court Judge Wade Naramore, according to the Garland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. A pre-trial conference was held, and according to the clerk both parties are submitting available dates for the trial. Asked if other motions were submitted, the Clerk said there was a “gag order” on the case.
Naramore is being charged with leaving his son in a hot car to die last July. The case is being handled by 2nd District Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington, who has charged Naramore with negligent homicide. Naramore is free on $5,000 bond and was suspended from his post as Garland County Juvenile Court Judge with pay. He is also under investigation by the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission as to whether or not he is is fit to serve. Naramore pled not guilty before specially appointed Judge John Langston last March. Should he be convicted, he will serve a year in prison and pay a $2,500 fine.

A youth pastor pretends to be The Naked Cowboy during a church women's conference.

A youth pastor pretends to be The Naked Cowboy during a church women’s conference.

New York Church stirs fuss over using The Naked Cowboy image in presentation
The real Naked Cowboy

The real Naked Cowboy

New York City, N.Y. / Hillsong, N.Y. — a New York church has stirred up a controversy over their representation of The Naked Cowboy during a presentation about New York at a Women’s Conference held at Madison Square Garden last week.

The Naked Cowboy is a street performer who appears in Times Square wearing a hat, boots, briefs and a strategically placed guitar.

Hillsong mounted a youth pastor outfitted to represent the Naked Cowboy during a “New York, New York” number.

This has upset the real Naked Cowboy, Robert John Burck, who has contacted Hillsong over copyright and trademark violations.

According to a statement on his website, he also is offended by the use of his image in a church. If you want to read more, look on line at the Christiantimes. TruNews, ChristianPost, and PulpitandPen.

No skydive for Bernie Sanders at California rally Friday night

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Cloverdale, Calif. — Rumors that Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders would skydive at a rally to be held here Friday night were denied in a front page story run by The Guardian today.

The stories got started after news of it ran in a local paper fueled by the owner of the skydiving company at the Cloverdale Municipal Airport, where the rally was going to be held. He claimed that members of the Sanders advance team had contacted him about the possibility of the candidate’s jump.

The idea of Sanders skydiving down to the rally were denied by members of his campaign team.
Sanders has been holding massive rallies in California in preparation for the June 7 primary.

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