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Donald Trump Thursday night told those attending or watching the Republican National Convention he would be "your law and order candidate." (Hill ’n Holler photo from official RNC 2016 live stream)

Donald Trump Thursday night told those attending or watching the Republican National Convention he would be “your law and order candidate.” (Hill ’n Holler photo from official RNC 2016 live stream)

RNC 2016 2Cleveland, Ohio — Donald J. Trump went on national TV and global internet Thursday night, July 21, at the Republican National Convention and gave a speech that appeared to nail the presidency.
His speech which lasted an hour and fifteen minutes touched on all the issues that have powered his campaign and then some. There was almost a full house at the convention there to listen to him.
To view the 66-page 2016 Republican Platform, approved by a voice vote Monday, click RNC2016platform.
Trump said he would kick start his presidency on Jan. 21 when he takes the oath of office. He said he would make some accomplishments immediately and accomplish more of his promises in the first hundred days.
Trump, who several times said he was the law and order candidate, said he would restore law and order in inner city communities such as Ferguson, Mo., outside St. Louis, and Chicago, Ill.
The candidate said he would re-negotiate the disastrous trade deals, including NAFTA, that have destroyed the American economy and sucked manufacturing out of the country; he said if he couldn’t get a better deal, he said he would walk away and negotiate with countries individually. He promised to change our government rigged economic rules on small business and to put consequences on businesses that takes manufacturing plants nand jobs out of the country. When he got to this issue, he made reference to Bernie Sanders (poor Bernie didn’t stand a chance, he said) and urged Bernie’s followers to join him.
Trump said he would lead the country back to liberty, prosperity and peace.
After whipping up on Clinton on her dismal foreign policy record, Trump said that Americanism, not globalism is our credo — the American people will come first again.
He said the system is rigged for the benefit of the people who want to keep Hillary Clinton as their puppet and they pull the strings. My message he said is things have to change and they have to change right now.
Trump said Americans are going to start building and making things again, and he said the infrastructure of the country roads and bridges will also see revitalization. In fact, he sounded like a section of Sanders “rebuild America” platform.
Addressing national security, Trump said, “We are going to defeat the barbarians of ISIS, and we are going to defeat them fast.” Citing recent terrorist attacks in France and Florida, he expressed concern over the attack on the LGBT club in Orlando, saying that as President he would protect our LGBT community from hateful foreign attacks. He thanked the crowd for cheering in response to that remark. His plan was to work with all our allies including Israel, using our top intelligence network to stamp out all Islamic terrorism. Since Trump had labeled NATO obsolete, he said, they have started an anti-terrorist program.
Then he got to immigration and pledged to the three families who have lost members to violence at the hands of illegal immigrants that it will not happen to other families. We are going to build a great wall to stop violence and drugs from pouring into our country. He said U.S. immigration laws will finally be enforced starting on the day he takes office.
As he moved through issues Trump said the military would be rebuilt and airport TSA — a total disaster, would be fixed. He said he would replace Obamacare, create the largest tax deduction, and delete a LBJ law restricting clerics from talking politics from the pulpit without losing their tax exemptions.
Trump repeatedly told his audience that he was on their side. “I am your voice.”
“I say to dreamers of a better life, I am with you,” he said. “I will fight for you, and I will win for you.”
To view a transcript of the advance version of the speech, click HERE.
Caroll Lucas
At the close of the convention  (Hill ’n Holler photo from official RNC 2016 live stream)

At the close of the convention (Hill ’n Holler photo from official RNC 2016 live stream)

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