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Judge Wade Naramore

Judge Wade Naramore

Hot Springs, Ark. — Garland County Juvenile Court Judge Wade Naramore has been found not guilty of negligent homicide in the death of his 18-month-old son Thomas, who Naramore left in a hot car to die last July
The juvenile court judge, who was excused from his post last February, is still before the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission prior to returning to his post as a circuit court judge. In the meantime Naramore is still receiving his paycheck and is excused from performing his duties until a decision has been reached by the commission.
The trial which had been handled by special prosecutor Scott Ellington found Naramore not guilty of the charge of negligent homicide brought by the prosecutor’s office.

The commission had been waiting for the trial to end before reaching a decision.

The next Commission meeting is scheduled for Friday, Sept.16. Asked if Naramore was on the agenda, a spokesman today said the agenda had not yet been formulated.

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