Pocahontas, Ark. — The Arkansas National Guard was brought in today to protect property and assist in rescue operations after te Black River went berserk after last Saturday’s storm.
Nine levee breaches have been identified in Randolph County, three of which have been categorized as “major,” the governor has said.
So far as many as 500 persons have been evacuated from their homes in north Arkansas. Te hardest hit was the east side of Pocahontas. Businesses on the east side of town include Wendy’s, Burger King and Walmart. Initially about 150 were evacuated. Those living in nearby homes, including the Robel Addition, were told to leave before the floodwaters reached.
With more rain expected Thursday, things could get worse. The water is expected to peak at least 3 feet above floodwater stage by Friday.
Highway 67/62 between Pocahontas and Corning is closed. In addition, Highway 166 section 1 north of Pocahontas is closed, as well as Highway 304 southeast of the city.
This flooding is expected to exceed the 2011 flood.
Police are asking the public to refrain from sight seeing.
A shelter has been established for victims and emergency personnel near the hospital at 1405 Hospital Drive. Hot meals are being served there.
Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has declared a state of emergency. He is also expected to ask that  the area be included in a federal emergency declaration.
Hutchinson viewed the area by helicopter Wednesday, before calling in over 100 National Guardsmen.
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