About the Hill ‘n Holler Review

The Hill ’n Holler Review was delivered as a free regional weekly newspaper in north Arkansas and southern Missouri from November 1995 until December of 2009. Its mix of news of entertainment, alternative medicine, Native American issues, movie reviews, local and regional news and events, and political news and opinion from widely varying viewpoints — and more — drew readers from across the region and the world. A popular online version was launched in 2007-08, but publishing both in print and online proved too much for the small staff.
A combination of a dwindling local economy, high gas (& delivery) prices, and particularly the serious illness of one of the partners caused the Hill ’n Holler Review to cease publication, at least for a while.
The staff of the Hill ’n Holler Review now has resumed publication on line. Watch as we hope to offer more each week.
For our on line AD PRICES, see THIS (Acrobat Reader required.)
You can contact us by E-mail at hillnhollerreview@yahoo.com
Or, you can phone us at 870-937-4235, FAX 417-268-9118, or send “snail mail” to us at P.O. Box 235, Mammoth Spring AR 72554-0235.

3 thoughts on “About the Hill ‘n Holler Review”

  1. Sandra Dwiggins said:

    Gosh durn’ it! This is a hoot and a half! I subscribed today so I can keep up with the amazing happenings in your part of the world. I’m going to send this to my friends in Canada. Nice to see you’re going to have another Blues Fest on September 10th.


  2. Glad to see the Hill ‘n Holler back. At least online 🙂

  3. You have put my mind at ease with your report on the fugitive Jeffery Wengeer. We watched and worried but now thanks to your report we can sleep easy. There was no way I would have known unless a friend told me. You are now flagged in my favorites.

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