Gilda’s Gridiron Picks — Super Bowl XLIX Edition



Super Bowl XLIX Edition
Feb. 1, 2015
Seattle Seahawks (AFC) over New England Patriots (NFC)

Game to Watch: This one!

Gilda picked both conference championship games incorrectly two weeks ago. No love lost for either the Seahawks or the Patriots; hope the Seahawks win because I hate the Patriots more!

Gilda sez: Two bits of controversy this week. The New England Patriots are under fire for supposedly using several under-inflated balls during the conference championship game. Tom Brady says he squeezes and touches the balls personally prior to each game. Coach Bill Belichick says he did nothing wrong, blames Brady. Will the NFL suspended Coach Belichick for the big game? It’s enough to take a lot of the ambivalence I’m feeling about this game. First time in a while there’s been two teams I hate; but I will always hate the Patriots worse!
Gilda’s mom has just found out on the radio this morning that the NFL is going to take no action against the Patriots until AFTER the Super Bowl has been played. As usual, the NFL only cares about the bottom line; not making the fans happy.
Wouldn’t it be funny if the Patriots did win, and were then stripped of the title as punishment?
The NFL shop has recently pulled a collection of framed photos celebrating the Seahawks’ victory in the AFC conference championship game. One of the photos in the montage shows Marshawn Lynch grabbing his crotch, resulting in a $20,000 fine by the NFL. Meanwhile, the NFL shop was selling this framed photo collection for $149.99. Who is the winner or loser here?

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